Harry Potter vs Sauron (LOTR)

Suggested by Sonic Sauron rarely ever gets to fight, but a little known fact is that he actually showed up in the Shadows of War game with some good feats. In that title Sauron got to show off his super speed, fire abilities, elemental powers, and sword skills. Harry Potter is good, but Sauron is just way too fast to get hit. I wish we could have seen Sauron fight like this in the movies. I guarantee you that everyone would take him a lot more seriously. Sauron (LOTR) wins.

Daniel X vs Harry Potter

Suggested by Destroyer Harry Potter may not be all that strong physically but his spells pack a punch. A direct hit may be enough to KO Daniel X. The same level of attack power can be said for Daniel X as well though and he has a significant advantage since he can shape shift and create whatever he wants. He has a much bigger array of attack options up his sleeve so I’d say that 9 times out of 10 he will claim victory. Daniel X wins.

Lan vs Harry Potter

Suggested by Megapot Network Harry Potter may be known as a powerful spell caster in his own right, but Lan is able to fuse with Megaman. This allows him to tap into crazy amounts of power and amp himself up to a level where just powering up might cause enough wind to blow Potter away. This kid will need more than a wand to stop Lan. Lan wins

Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson

Suggested by Destroyer Harry Potter has a good array of spells at his disposal but Percy Jackson has super human abilities. He can move with super speed and his durability is on a different level. Harry can throw his spells, but it will be pretty easy for Percy to dodge them all and counter attack. Harry is unfortunately a one trick pony. Percy Jackson wins.

Harry Potter vs Pac Man

Harry Potter has a lot of magic on his side, but Pac Man also knows some spells. Nonetheless, Pac Man won’t need them since he can just fly towards Harry Potter and land a solid punch. Harry Potter doesn’t have enough endurance to keep on fighting after such a hit and he doesn’t have as much battle experience as Pac Man. Pac Man wins.

Harry Potter vs Sylar

Harry Potter is back once again, but he may not do any better than he did in his last match. Sylar has many abilities at his disposal, including telekinesis and regeneration. Harry Potter’s magic spells won’t be able to stop him as Sylar cruises to victory in this round. Sylar wins.

Harry Potter vs Teridax

Harry Potter has some spells at his disposal, but he wouldn’t really have time to use them. Teridax would quickly defeat him with a single hit, and even if Harry Potter managed to fire off one of his spells, it wouldn’t be enough to win. Teridax is just far too durable. Teridax wins.

Saxton Hale vs Harry Potter

Saxton Hale is pretty famous for his super strength and he can do just about anything he puts his mind too! Of course Harry Potter has his magical abilities which are pretty deadly. A couple of blasts should be able to take him down. Saxton Hale loses his debut match, but he put up a fight. Harry Potter wins.

Ron Weasley vs Harry Potter

Ron Weasley makes his debut match! Sadly for him, things aren’t gonna end pretty. He’s a magician in his own right, but in the end he has no chance against Harry Potter. Harry is a lot better than him at fighting and proves it daily. Ron Weasley just never had a chance I’m afraid. Harry Potter wins.

Draco Malfoy vs Harry Potter

Draco Malfoy always tried to bully Harry Potter. Potter usually let him because he’s a Hero….Of course he manned up later on, once he realized that being tough is beter than being roughed. Draco Malfoy is tough, but Harry proved who the stronger fighter was. Harry has the better aim, the better experience, and the better wand. In the end Draco Malfoy was just utterly surpassed by Harry! Harry Potter wins.