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Umbra vs Teridax

Suggested by Destroz It’s time for Teridax to teach another Bionicle who’s boss. Umbra is fast, possibly the fastest Bionicle out there. His sheer speed is enough to make this a real fight, but his offensive and defensive capabilities are far below that of Teridax. Teridax isn’t a slowpoke either so he should be able to hold his own fairly well. He will end up taking the win here as Umbra just own’t be able to endure more than a hit or two. Teridax wins.

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Brutaka vs Teridax


Suggested by Destroz Brutaka is a very powerful Bionicle character and one of the few who could actually hold his own against Teridax in a fight: this is pretty impressive when you consider that Teridax is supposed to be the strongest in the whole verse. Teridax has more abilities to be sure but Brutaka’s seem more impressive in general. It is a close fight, but I have to hand it to Teridax here. His array of abilities will be too much to defend against. Teridax wins.

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Overlord (Ninjago) vs Teridax

It’s time for a battle of the big bosses between these two. The Ninjago series and Bionicle have always looked very similar as I haven’t really gotten into either series yet although I’m on Team Bionicle for now. Overlord is fairly strong with his powerful lasers and possession abilities. That being said, Teridax won’t be possessed anytime soon and he has a crazy amount of abilities at his disposal. Think of a power and Teridax most likely has it. Overlord will be overwhelmed by an onslaught of tornadoes and other such abilities to the point where he won’t be able to make much of a defense. Teridax wins.

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Teridax vs Thor

Teridax is certainly one of the most impressive Bionicle characters that I’ve ever heard about, but I don’t think that he is quite ready to take on someone like Thor just yet. Thor’s incredibly powerful in close quarters combat and the sheer power behind his blows will be enough to take Teridax down for the count. Thor’s speed is great as well, which will allow him to throw numerous blows until the hits finally take Teridax out for the count. Thor wins.

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Sinestro vs Teridax

Teridax is no stranger to the blog and he’s fought on several occasions. That being said, I don’t believe that he will prove to be a match for someone like Sinestro. Sinestro’s constructs are only limited by his mind and he has controlled the embodiment of the yellow ring’s energy for quite a while. His abilities are some of the strongest in the DC universe and none of Teridax’s many abilities would provide him with enough defense to withstand the onslaught. Sinestro wins.

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Teridax vs Tad

Tad is back and he’s defintiely seen his share of action. Teridax has a lot of abilities at his disposal including electricity and over a dozen other skills. Tad’s got his Poliwrath who will do his best to make this a decent battle. I do think that this battle would be really close, but Poliwrath won’t be able to completely focus on battling Teridax when he’s also protecting Tad. Teridax wins.

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Aquaman vs Teridax

Aquaman is a powerful fighter, but Teridax possesses many abilities to make this a tough fight. Aquaman would be able to take him in a close combat fight, but Teridax has a lot of abilities that can enable him to keep Aquaman away for a while. Aquaman’s scepter is a good defense, but it would be tough to keep Teridax away for long. Teridax wins.

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Teridax vs Syndrome

Syndrome has that paralyzing ray of his, but I don’t think it would be very effective against someone as durable as Teridax. Of course it wouldn’t matter all that much if it could hurt him, since Teridax is far too fast to let Syndrome land a hit. Syndrome loses his debut match on the blog. Teridax wins.