Aquaman vs Bizarro

Suggested by Sonic Aquaman and Bizarro and both pretty powerful fighters but at the end of the day Bizarro still has the edge here by a good margin. The guy has gone up against Superman multiple times and always takes that guy to the brink. Aquaman just doesn’t have the same level of power or durability as Bizarro so in a 1 on 1 he definitely gets wrecked. Bizarro wins.

Broly vs Aquaman

Suggested by Random Aquaman is more than just the fish guy nowadays. He has super strength and a whole array of skills at his disposal which he can use to best any opponent. That being said, he can’t even use the water as an advantage here since Broly can blow it all away with a single move. Broly won’t even need Super Saiyan mode to win this fight. Even in base form his abilities are far too much for Aquaman to hope to handle. Broly wins.

Eel (DC) vs Aquaman

Thanks to a fun comic book site by the name of Arousing Grammar, I became aware of a DC villain who calls himself the Eel. He’s an Aquaman villain and we don’t have a whole lot of them over on the blog so I thought that it would be nice to have this match. The Eel (DC) may not be a great character, but his design is certainly great and his telepathic abilities make him a dangerous fighter. Of course, he’s no match for Aquaman’s super strength and underwater abilities. Aquaman wins.

Aquaman vs Graves

Aquaman possesses a great degree of physical strength and Graves won’t be able to stop him. Graves has taken many opponents down in the past, or at least had some temporary wins. That just won’t be enough to stop someone of Aquaman’s level and Graves will be taking a hard loss. Aquaman has taken on Superman in the past after all! Aquaman wins.

Aquaman vs Teridax

Aquaman is a powerful fighter, but Teridax possesses many abilities to make this a tough fight. Aquaman would be able to take him in a close combat fight, but Teridax has a lot of abilities that can enable him to keep Aquaman away for a while. Aquaman’s scepter is a good defense, but it would be tough to keep Teridax away for long. Teridax wins.

Aquaman vs Sylar

Sylar has a lot of powerful abilities, but Aquaman will just prove too be too experienced. He’s fought many opponents and his strength is pretty impressive. Once he was able to land some good shots on Superman and Wonder Woman, plus his speed is also pretty good. This is one match that I don’t think Sylar can win. Aquaman wins.

Superman vs Aquaman

Aquaman may be strong, but he’s definitely no Superman! Superman just needs one good punch to knock this guy out of the ballpark. Aquaman definitely can’t compete with Superman’s speed, power, or even his hand to hand skills. They don’t call Superman, the Man of Steel for nothing! Superman wins.

Ocean Master vs Aquaman

Ocean Master is a pretty tough guy when he wants to be. He’s a commanding figure so it’s no wonder why a lot of people choose to follow him. Still, I’m not sure if he can take down Aquaman. He’s been a tough fighter in the past, but he may be out of his league in this round. Aquaman wins.

Gali vs Aquaman

Aquaman is back and this time he’s up against Gali! Gali and Aquaman are both water type fighters, but I think Gali has the edge in this round. Her Ghost Blaster will prove effective and her water axes will help her in hand to hand combat. Aquaman drops down the ranks with this loss. Gali wins.