Shanoa vs Graves

Suggested by Sonic Shanoa has some pretty powerful magic abilities. She is a character who is fairly well known among Castlevania fans and has always been a resourceful fighter. She will bring out every trick in the book to stop Graves, but I just don’t think they will be enough. Graves has gone up against guys like Superman and Wonder Woman in the past. He’ll be able to speed right through Shanoa’s defenses and deliver some punishing blows. She can’t endure those for long. Graves wins.

Wonder Woman vs Graves

WW vs Graves
Graves is back and now he’s up against Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman can easily defeat Graves in what would be a very short battle. Graves won’t be able to keep up with her super strength or speed and his durability just won’t be enough to grant him a win. Nothing will slow Wonder Woman down as she takes Graves down for the count. Wonder Woman wins.

Aquaman vs Graves

Aquaman possesses a great degree of physical strength and Graves won’t be able to stop him. Graves has taken many opponents down in the past, or at least had some temporary wins. That just won’t be enough to stop someone of Aquaman’s level and Graves will be taking a hard loss. Aquaman has taken on Superman in the past after all! Aquaman wins.

Graves vs Flash (Barry)

Flash (Barry) is very fast and Graves will have a very tough time keeping up with him. Graves just doesn’t have the light speed reactions needed to take down the Flash or even the durability to stay in the fight. Flash (Barry) takes another win and he shows why the Justice League should definitely not be underestimated. Flash (Barry) wins.

Superman vs Graves

Graves is tough, but he’s no Superman! Superman is the Last Kryptonian alive….or at least he thought that was true for a while. His power is enough to shake whole planets and Graves just won’t be able to survive a fight against him. Superman’s speed is tremendous and he just can’t be stopped by this opponent. Superman wins.