Shanoa vs Graves

Suggested by Sonic Shanoa has some pretty powerful magic abilities. She is a character who is fairly well known among Castlevania fans and has always been a resourceful fighter. She will bring out every trick in the book to stop Graves, but I just don’t think they will be enough. Graves has gone up against guys like Superman and Wonder Woman in the past. He’ll be able to speed right through Shanoa’s defenses and deliver some punishing blows. She can’t endure those for long. Graves wins.

Charmcaster vs Shanoa

Suggested by iKnowledge Charmcaster and Shanoa are both pretty talented. In their base forms I’d argue that they’re about even with Shanoa possibly taking the lead. That being said, Charmcaster came into possession of the Alpha Rune which augmented her abilities. In that form her pure power would be able to break through Shanoa’s spells. Charmcaster will pepper her with energy blasts and psychic shields and definitely would have the edge in stamina by the end of that. Charmcaster wins.

Shanoa vs Irene Belserion

Suggested by iKnowledge Irene is an incredibly powerful mage who possesses abilities far beyond imagination. Shanoa has impressive spells of her own like bolts of destruction, but they are in different leagues. Irene can use her Dragon Slaying abilities to eliminate Shanoa in a single blow. Her speed would allow Irene to get past Shanoa’s guard and one powerful punch/slash would end things here. Shanoa will need some considerable power ups in order to gain the upper hand. Irene Belserion wins.

Shanoa vs Lightning

Suggested by iKnowledge Lightning is a very fast fighter who has grown vastly more powerful after fighting from Valhalla for many years. With her Odin summon at the ready it’s hard to picture her having a tough time here. Shanoa is strong, but her attacks are far smaller in scope while Lightning is used to battling huge enemies with ease. Lightning has the speed advantage here and also possesses the stronger weapons which leads to a quick victory. Lightning wins.

Shanoa vs Zeref

Suggested by iKnowledge Shanoa is a talented fighter whose attacks come out unpredictably. She can be using knives or guns, the opponent won’t know until it is too late. Still, that’s not something that would really bother someone like Zeref. His abilities are far above hers to the point where he likely wouldn’t take any damage even if he suffered a direct hit. Put it this way, Zeref was already a top tier fighter before he got his big deity form. At that point it was all over. Zeref wins.

Shanoa vs Riku

Suggested by iKnowledge Shanoa is a powerful fighter whose weapons and spells make her hard to stop. Riku has mastered the powers of light and dark so he is no stranger to versatile abilities. I’m inclined to go with him as the favorite to win this battle because he has more abilities and has fought more impressive foes. He can heal himself as well as use all of the elements. In terms of speed they’re pretty close, but otherwise Riku possesses most of the advantages in combat. It should be a clean win for him. Riku wins.