Mukuro vs Riku

Suggested by Destroyer This is a close battle. Riku has mastered the powers of light and dark but hasn’t really gotten to show off his abilities quite as extensively as Sora. With Sora we’ve seen him in final form, mastered state, and a bunch of other cool forms. Riku mostly sticks to basics but he has his share of spells and techniques from Chain of Memories and KH III. I see this one going down to the wire but Riku should have just enough speed and power to cut through Mukuro’s illusions and land a decisive blow. Riku wins.

Vincent vs Riku

Suggested by Sonic Riku has the powers of darkness at the ready but Vincent mastered those a long time ago. In his Chaos mode he can fire off brilliant blasts of energy and can also fly at high speeds. That is what will really give him the edge over Riku since Riku just doesn’t have the tools needed to counter those attacks. Riku would need to try and get in close to really land his best shots and against Vincent I don’t think that will really be an option. Vincent wins.

Riku vs Supergirl

Suggested by Destroyer Riku has mastered both the powers of light and dark. He’s certainly one of the strongest keyblade Masters out there. That being said, his stats aren’t as off the walls as some Final Fantasy leads. He’s a little more standard in comparison at least when it comes to speed and power. As a result it’s hard to see him being able to match Supergirl. At her best she can keep up with Superman and bust through planets. She’s not going to go down easily and will win this match more often than not. Supergirl wins.

Shanoa vs Riku

Suggested by iKnowledge Shanoa is a powerful fighter whose weapons and spells make her hard to stop. Riku has mastered the powers of light and dark so he is no stranger to versatile abilities. I’m inclined to go with him as the favorite to win this battle because he has more abilities and has fought more impressive foes. He can heal himself as well as use all of the elements. In terms of speed they’re pretty close, but otherwise Riku possesses most of the advantages in combat. It should be a clean win for him. Riku wins.

Riku vs Alucard

Riku and Alucard are both fighters who use darkness in order to stop the evil that plagues their world while resisting its influences. This is certainly a tricky fight as Riku has better long range options while Alucard is better in close range. If he can get a good slash or two in, then it is game over Riku. This is where the speed difference is critical and I don’t think that it will be overcome. This is certainly one of the trickier matches of late, but the Vampire has the edge. With Kingdom Hearts III finally coming out in the next few years, this can certainly change. Alucard wins.

Riku vs Kanda

Riku is a formidable swordsman, but he does not possess enough speed to take Kanda down for the count. Kanda may not be the strongest swordsman around, but he is still impressive. Riku has a larger array of magic at his disposal, but it wont be able to overcome Kanda’s raw speed. Kanda is a true warrior and this is just another step on his journey to become the best! Kanda wins.

Riku vs Marco

Marco makes his blog debut! He has his phoenix form, but Riku has mastered both the Light and the Dark! With his hand to hand experience he’s definitely a tough fighter! Marco hasn’t really shown his hand to hand skills yet, so for now Riku has this match. He finally gets another win. Riku wins.

Update! Marco’s fire powers are pretty impressive and his durability/speed are also pretty good. Marco wins.