Whitebeard vs Marco

Suggested by Anonymous I could see Marco putting up more of a fight than some of Whitebeard’s other challengers but there is a reason why Whitebeard was the captain. He’s much more powerful and Marco’s main weakness is a lack of offensive capabilities. That’s not a weakness that Whitebeard shares and so he will be able to really accelerate to the top of the rankings. No fighter can hope to keep up with his monstrous strength. Whitebeard wins.

Thor vs Marco

Suggested by Jean Thor is one of the stronger lightning users but he won’t be able to beat this fire expert. Marco’s flames allow him to regenerate damage and also go on the offensive. His speed is incredible and his durability is also impressive. Thor will have a hard time keeping up with his speed and doesn’t have the durability to stand up against Marco’s attacks for very long. Marco wins.

Johnny Cage vs Marco

Suggested by Sonic Johnny Cage is a great fighter and he has gotten his own share of power ups over the years. That said, he isn’t quite ready to take down Marco just yet. The powers of the phoenix are numerous and Marco should be able to regenerate from Cage’s attacks while also pressing the advantage with his speed. Cage just has no counters to projectiles of this level. Marco wins.

Marco vs Sanji

Marco is a pretty tough guy, but in the end he won’t be able to take down Sanji. Sanji has his kicking ability and he’s always been ready for a fight. Marco’s phoenix ability comes in handy, but Sanji has always seemed like the better fighter. Maybe Marco will be back someday. Sanji wins.

Riku vs Marco

Marco makes his blog debut! He has his phoenix form, but Riku has mastered both the Light and the Dark! With his hand to hand experience he’s definitely a tough fighter! Marco hasn’t really shown his hand to hand skills yet, so for now Riku has this match. He finally gets another win. Riku wins.

Update! Marco’s fire powers are pretty impressive and his durability/speed are also pretty good. Marco wins.