Johnny Cage vs Marco

Suggested by Sonic Johnny Cage is a great fighter and he has gotten his own share of power ups over the years. That said, he isn’t quite ready to take down Marco just yet. The powers of the phoenix are numerous and Marco should be able to regenerate from Cage’s attacks while also pressing the advantage with his speed. Cage just has no counters to projectiles of this level. Marco wins.

Johnny Cage vs Bass

Johnny Cage is a pretty good hand to hand fighter, but I’m afraid that Bass has him beat in that category. Bass also has Johnny Cage beat in terms of speed, power, and ability. Of course Bass tends to do that to many different fighters. They just can’t beat him! Bass wins.

Johnny Bravo vs Johnny Cage

Johnny Bravo makes his blog debut against the powerful Johnny Cage! Johnny Cage is truly a powerful opponent and he knows some great hand to hand skills. Can Johnny Bravo take him down? I don’t think so. Johnny Cage is just too good of a fighter to take a loss right now. Johnny Cage wins.