Vincent vs Riku

Suggested by Sonic Riku has the powers of darkness at the ready but Vincent mastered those a long time ago. In his Chaos mode he can fire off brilliant blasts of energy and can also fly at high speeds. That is what will really give him the edge over Riku since Riku just doesn’t have the tools needed to counter those attacks. Riku would need to try and get in close to really land his best shots and against Vincent I don’t think that will really be an option. Vincent wins.

Vincent vs Dracula

Suggested by LightningEllen Dracula has returned to try and place the fear in another opponent, but good luck scaring Vincent. His design is even more intimidating than Dracula’s and he is a very powerful fighters. With his twin guns and a demonic super form that was featured in Dirge of Cerberus, I have a hard time seeing Dracula land any real hits in. Vincent is incredibly fast and his attacks leave a large trail of destruction in their wake. A glancing blow will deal massive damage to Dracula and whether his end is met through a barrage of gunfire or a few quick stabs from Vincent’s claws, the match will be over. Vincent wins.

Vincent vs Sanji

Vincent is back and this could be a tough match for him since he’s fighting one of the strongest cooks around! Sanji has pretty good speed and power which makes him a tough fighter, but in Vincent’s Chaos mode his speed is even greater. He also has a gun that shoots blasts of unimaginable power. It would be too much for Sanji. Vincent wins.