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Dr Wheelo vs Forge

Suggested by Sonic Dr Wheelo is one of the first movie villains that Goku had to deal with. The guy definitely isn’t a pushover and can fire off some good energy blasts. While not a match for most DBZ villains, Wheelo will make short work out of Forge. None of Forge’s inventions are enough to surpass Wheelo’s robot and sheer power will be enough to push through everything Forge can dish out. Dr Wheelo wins.

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Egghead vs Forge

Egghead is back, but this time he’s up against Forge! Forge has his technological expertise and has some pretty impressive guns. With these he takes the win and shows the world why you shouldn’t mess with Forge. He’s just too powerful and with this win he rises up the ranks. Forge wins.

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Drax The Destroyer vs Forge

Drax The Destroyer is a being of nearly limitless power. Forge may have a gun, but in the end guns can’t take down someone like Drax The Destroyer. Drax The Destroyer is also better at hand to hand combat and can use it to take Forge down fast. Forge drops down the blog ranks. Drax The Destroyer wins.

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Forge vs Bishop

Forge has his gun skills and can use them to take down some opponents. Of course Bishop isn’t just any old opponent. He’s a mutant with skills that far exceed the skills of others. Forge takes a loss in this match, but one day he’ll be back. When that day comes the world will be ready. Until then I guess. Bishop wins.

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Spiderman 2099 vs Forge

Spiderman 2099 has his athletic skills which he can use to take down Forge. Forge is a genius, but his combat skills aren’t the best. He’s just not tough enough to take down Spiderman 2099. Spiderman 2099 has been winning a lot, but eventually the fights will stop and he’ll take a break. Spiderman 2099 wins.