Drax the Destroyer vs Orion

Suggested by JHG195 Orion is a powerful DC fighter and one who has gone up against Superman in the past in a pretty even fight. His stats across the board are all very impressive. Meanwhile Drax is a fighter who started out very impressive but got steadily weaker as the years went on. By the modern comics he is now very weak, but this fight is counting both fighters at their peak. At his absolute strongest Drax makes this a real fight since he used to go up against Silver Surfer and Thor. The main thing that keeps Orion ahead is his reaction times and combat speed. He would be able to overwhelm Drax in hand to hand combat and his strength would finish the fight. Orion wins.

Drax The Destroyer vs Guyver

Suggested by Anonymous Guyver has returned once more and this will be yet another win for him. Drax is a powerful opponent, but he isn’t nearly as fast as Guyver. Guyver will be able to deal some heavy duty damage throughout their encounter and the hits will certainly add up. Drax will eventually have to go down for the count. Guyver wins.

Drax The Destroyer vs Silver Surfer

Another close battle for Drax that will ultimately end with his loss. Drax The Destroyer lives up to his name to be sure, but the Silver Surfer is one of the strongest cosmic beings in Marvel. I don’t think he would do very well without his surfboard, but he does have it and it allows him to move at incredibly high speeds. His cosmic bolts would deal a lot of damage to Drax and either fighter would be able to land massive damage the longer that the fight continued. If Drax could make this a close hand to hand fight he would easily take the win, but the Surfer is great at striking from a distance. Play to your strengths and you will often find victory. Silver Surfer wins.

Drax The Destroyer vs Captain Marvel

This is definitely a tricky match. I do think that Captain Marvel is one of the stronger fighters in the Marvel Universe and he can match all of Drax’s abilities. That basically means that it will be down to can out muscle the other guy. Either physically or with their energy blasts. I think I’m leaning towards Captain Marvel here thanks to his speed, but it’s definitely a very close bout. Captain Marvel wins.

Drax The Destroyer vs Hulk

This is a pretty close fight and both of these guys are immensely powerful. One factor that tips the scales in Drax’s favor is his experience with flight and super speed. That should definitely come in handy here and the Hulk’s slight edge in physical strength won’t be able to overcome this. The Hulk may be the strongest there is..but he wasn’t strong enough. Drax The Destroyer wins.

Firelord vs Drax The Destroyer

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Firelord is a herald of Galactus so he is definitely a powerful threat. Even Drax The Destroyer would have a tough battle with him. I’d say that they’re both pretty evenly matched in terms of energy projection, but Drax is physically superior by a long shot. It shouldn’t take too long to turn this into a close combat scenario. Drax The Destroyer wins.

Drax The Destroyer vs X 23

As impressive as X 23 is in a fight, I would take Drax The Destroyer to win this battle. His physical abilities are just too much for her. He rivals Thor and The Hulk in strength and he can fly at pretty quick speeds. X 23 has a good healing factor, but that can only keep her in the match for so long. Eventually, Drax would win. Drax The Destroyer wins.

Drax The Destroyer vs Moondragon

Moondragon is a strong telepath, but I don’t know how effective her attacks will be on Drax. They may slow him down, but that’s about it. The difference in their physical abilities is just too vast. Drax The Destroyer has gone up against foes like the Hulk and the Silver Surfer in the past. Moondragon can’t match those feats. Drax The Destroyer wins.

Star Lord vs Drax The Destroyer

Star Lord is pretty skilled and his guns have been known to affect some powerful opponents. That being said, Drax has the power of flight and he can fire a lot of powerful energy blasts. If any of them were to connect, it would likely be the end for Star Lord. Star Lord is quick, but not even his boosters would be enough to evade Drax forever. Drax The Destroyer wins.

Drax The Destroyer vs Thor

Drax The Destroyer is one of those guys that you don’t want to mess with! His speed and power are extremely impressive! One shot from Drax can do some massive damage. Thor is also powerful, but I think Drax The Destroyer has the speed advantage and can spam his attacks. Drax The Destroyer wins.