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Ignika vs Silver Surfer

Ignika has joined the blog! He has the classic Nova Blast, which is a very powerful attack, which may be able to do some damage to the Surfer. That being said, you can’t hurt what you can’t catch. I don’t see Silver Surfer having any problem with staying one step ahead of Ignika in this round. Silver Surfer is incredibly fast even if he doesn’t display this all the time. In space, it can be hard to notice, but he’s typically moving at FTL speeds and a few good cosmic blasts should end this round. Silver Surfer wins.

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Silver Surfer vs Black Panther

The Black Panther is a skilled hand to hand fighter, but there’s no way that such a hold would work on the Silver Surfer. The difference in strength is way too drastic and we still see that the end result is for the Silver Surfer as you would expect. Taking him down is no simple feat and the Black Panther definitely learned this the hard way! One cosmic bolt ought to finish this. Silver Surfer wins.

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Silver Surfer vs Hulk

This is a tribute to Ironman and Hulk: Heroes United. Hulk didn’t look as tough as you would expect him to look since minions quickly took him down for the count. He’s typically a lot stronger and one could even argue that he would crush the Silver Surfer in a fist fight. I wouldn’t deny that, but the Silver Surfer is a long range fighter and he would use his cosmic board to his advantage. The Hulk would have a hard time keeping up with this herald and the Surfer’s cosmic bolts would eventually defeat him. Silver Surfer wins.

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Drax The Destroyer vs Silver Surfer

Another close battle for Drax that will ultimately end with his loss. Drax The Destroyer lives up to his name to be sure, but the Silver Surfer is one of the strongest cosmic beings in Marvel. I don’t think he would do very well without his surfboard, but he does have it and it allows him to move at incredibly high speeds. His cosmic bolts would deal a lot of damage to Drax and either fighter would be able to land massive damage the longer that the fight continued. If Drax could make this a close hand to hand fight he would easily take the win, but the Surfer is great at striking from a distance. Play to your strengths and you will often find victory. Silver Surfer wins.

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Pip the Troll vs Silver Surfer

Pip the Troll is a pretty uninteresting character. He was definitely not one of my favorites to begin with and he’s never really gone up for me. He’s just around I suppose and his jokes aren’t funny. One good cosmic blast from the Silver Surfer should be enough to take him down and end the match. Cosmic abilities are not to be trifled with! Silver Surfer wins.

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Shalla Bal vs Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer is a pretty powerful opponent and it’s been a while since we got to see him on the blog. Shalla Bal was a pretty important figure in the Silver Surfer’s past and he spent a whole TV show trying to get back to her. His efforts may not have been enough back in the day, but at least he tried. I don’t believe that Shalla Bal could defeat him. Silver Surfer wins.

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Vranx vs Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer can definitely take Vranx down for the count. Vranx is actually a formidable opponent, but Silver Surfer has fought opponents like Thor and the Hulk in the past. Vranx doesn’t have great defensive feats and Silver Surfer is pretty quick when he’s on the cosmic board. Silver Surfer has the advantage in the battle and he’s going all the way for his win. Silver Surfer wins.

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Gemini Saga vs Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer is very fast and he’s one of the fastest Marvel beings alive! His power cosmic will disintegrate many opponents with a single shot, but Gemini Saga’s armor will protect him. Gemini Saga’s power exceeds even that of Silver Surfer’s and he has more durability. This is one of the few fights that the Surfer will have to lose. Gemini Saga wins.

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Silver Surfer vs Naruto

Silver Surfer is powerful and he’s one of Marvel’s heavy hitters. He can move at speeds that would make Sonic proud and his Power Cosmic is nothing to sneeze at. That being said, Naruto has Sage Mode so he should be able to win this round pretty easily. In Sage Mode, his power and speed surpass Silver Surfer’s and he can also turn the herald into a toad, which would severely weaken him. Naruto wins.

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Kyle Rayner vs Silver Surfer

Kyle Rayner is a pretty powerful Lantern and he may be the strongest aside from Hal. Some may even debate that is is stronger than Jordan. The Silver Surfer is a tough opponent and he will definitely put up a fight, but I don’t think that his cosmic abilities will be a match for Kyle’s constructs. Kyle Rayner can put his numerous rings to good use and a focused blast from them should finish the Silver Surfer off. Kyle Rayner wins.