Kyle Rayner vs Exodia

Suggested by Destroyer Kyle is one of the more powerful Green Lanterns out there because he has mastered just about every color. Exodia has a lot of power but at the same time the main problem for him is that he isn’t particularly fast. Kyle can keep on blasting away at Exodia while dodging all counters. It’s hard to picture a scenario where Exodia is ever able to land a blow which is why he will be at the defensive here. His durability is fairly high but it just won’t be enough to hold out. Kyle Rayner wins.

Hollow Ichigo vs Kyle Rayner

Suggested by Destroyer Kyle Rayner is one of the stronger Green Lanterns out there and has mastered more colors than just about any other. The rings give him a great defense and offense which would give him victor over most fighters. It won’t do much against a fighter of Hollow Ichigo’s caliber though. The difference in speed and power is far too great. When none of your hits can land it doesn’t even matter how much power you have. Hollow Ichigo is just in a league of his own and it’ll show. Hollow Ichigo wins.

Kyle Rayner vs Cloud

Suggested by Destroyer Kyle is one of the stronger Green Lanterns. He had mastered all of the colors and has a lot of raw power to match his active imagination. While in the offensive Kyle will be able to keep Cloud busy with all of his energy blasts. However Cloud will slowly start to chip away at the distance between them until he is able to land some blows. Kyle’s defenses will only be able to hold out for so long until he is taken down for the count. Cloud wins.

Kyle Rayner vs Buu

Kyle Rayner is one of the strongest Green Lanterns who ever existed, but that doesn’t mean that he can really go toe to toe with one of the strongest DBZ villains and hope to come out alive. Buu is simply too fast and too powerful to lose this round and he can take out the planet with a simple attack. No construct can stop Buu or even hope to slow him down for long. Buu wins.

Fatality vs Kyle Rayner

Fatality is a very powerful DC villain and she could have stood a chance against almost any other fighter. Unfortunately for her, Kyle Rayner is an S Rank DC Hero and his abilities are second to none. They’ve fought on several occasions and while they are evenly matched…that was before Kyle Rayner decided to grab all of the different rings. In his final form, Kyle definitely takes the victory. Kyle Rayner wins.

Kyle Rayner vs Space Dandy

Hal Jordan is known as a tough GL, but is he really as intense as Kyle? Well, that can be determined at another time. This time, Kyle is up against a Marvel opponent who can absorb energy. That ability is useful, but it cant stop Kyle. He just has too much energy in the end. Kyle Rayner wins.

Kyle Rayner vs Silver Surfer

Kyle Rayner is a pretty powerful Lantern and he may be the strongest aside from Hal. Some may even debate that is is stronger than Jordan. The Silver Surfer is a tough opponent and he will definitely put up a fight, but I don’t think that his cosmic abilities will be a match for Kyle’s constructs. Kyle Rayner can put his numerous rings to good use and a focused blast from them should finish the Silver Surfer off. Kyle Rayner wins.

Kyle Rayner vs Effigy

Effigy makes his blog debut, but he won’t be able to defeat Kyle Rayner. Kyle Rayner has the powers of many lanterns and he’s also a pretty tough guy with only a GL Power Ring. Effigy’s fire abilities are definitely potent, but they aren’t going to be enough to win him this round. Kyle Rayner wins.

Kyle Rayner vs Alien

Aliens are fast and very deadly, but this is one guy that will be able to stop such a beast. Kyle Rayner has fought many powerful opponents back in his day and he’ll keep on defeating others. Kyle Rayner has his Green Lantern ring at the ready and he can also use a gun if he needs to. The Alien won’t be winning this round. Kyle Rayner wins.