Hollow Ichigo vs Erza

Suggested by Sonic Erza is a skilled swordfighter but she isn’t quite ready to deal with Hollow Ichigo here. He still has the absolute edge in speed as well as overall power. Anything Erza tries, Hollow Ichigo can just block on his end. She has many different armors and forms, but there just aren’t any at her disposal that can properly counter him. Hollow Ichigo wins.

Hollow Ichigo vs Colossus

Suggested by Destroyer Hollow Ichigo returns and this time he will be taking Colossus down for the count. Colossus is a very powerful member of the Xmen that’s for sure. He’s not someone who will go down very easily. That being said, he has no way to keep up with Hollow Ichigo’s speed. The villain could easily fly rings around Colossus without any real effort. I don’t see this hero being capable of doing much of anything against him. He would be at a total loss of what to do next and any hesitation is an instant loss against such a foe. Hollow Ichigo wins.

Hollow Ichigo vs Ichigo

Hollow Ichigo was a big part of Ichigo’s character development and just a cool character in general. He certainly got some pretty cool plot twists over the years and they only made him that much cooler. Still, he ultimately wasn’t able to follow Ichigo to the hero’s final power ups so he was left behind. That’s the fate of most characters in the end as the lead will inevitably become the best. Hollow Ichigo will still give him a good fight in the end, it just won’t be enough. Ichigo wins.

Hollow Ichigo vs Kyle Rayner

Suggested by Destroyer Kyle Rayner is one of the stronger Green Lanterns out there and has mastered more colors than just about any other. The rings give him a great defense and offense which would give him victor over most fighters. It won’t do much against a fighter of Hollow Ichigo’s caliber though. The difference in speed and power is far too great. When none of your hits can land it doesn’t even matter how much power you have. Hollow Ichigo is just in a league of his own and it’ll show. Hollow Ichigo wins.

Hollow Ichigo vs Grimmjow

Grimmjow has super speed and with his incredible power not even Hollow Ichigo could hope to stop him! Hollow Ichigo is an impressive being, but in the end he’s just not at Grimmjow’s level. Grimmjow is an espada and is used to pwning. Grimmjow rises up the ranks with this win and reminds the world of his true power. Grimmjow wins.

Update 8 7 2020. Hollow Ichigo possesses a lot of the same strength as Ichigo and would be able to claim victory here. Hollow Ichigo wins.

Hollow Ichigo vs Suigetsu

Hollow Ichigo has some pretty intense sword skills at his disposal! Suigetsu may also have a sword, but in the end he’s just not at Hollow Ichigo’s level. Hollow Ichigo is above Kage level while Suigetsu is only Jonin at best. Poor Suigetsu drops down the ranks with this loss while Hollow Ichigo goes higher. Hollow Ichigo wins.

Hollow Ichigo vs Byakuya

Hollow Ichigo has powers that are very potent and can take down pretty much any opponent. Of course Byakuya was too powerful. Byakuya has bankai and while Hollow Ichigo does too, it’s not nearly as powerful and effective. Byakuya wins.

Well Hollow Ichigo has the speed and power advantage so I guess he has this. Hollow Ichigo wins.