Adol Christin vs Grimmjow

Adol Christin has a lot of very serious sword techniques but at the end of the day they won’t be enough to win here. Grimmjow has been crushing opponents ever since he first appeared in Bleach and keeps getting stronger. His current speed and power levels are so far above Adol’s that it wouldn’t be much of a fight right now. He is just going all the way up to victory with no shot at being stopped. Grimmjow wins.

Red (Megaman X) vs Grimmjow

Grimmjow has returned and this is another quick win for him. Grimmjow was one of the strongest Espada in Bleach and I dare say that you could make a case for him being the strongest aside from Ulquiorra thanks to the latter’s second resurrection. his speed and power are absolutely uncanny so Red is really going to have to watch himself here. A single slip and it’s game over, but ultimately he will lose regardless because he has no way to land a hit on Grimmjow. Grimmjow wins.

Lt. Surge vs Grimmjow

Lt. Surge has a lot of thunder Pokemon at his disposal, but they really won’t be able to do a thing against Grimmjow. Grimmjow is massively faster than Surge as well as more powerful. Usually in a fight if you are severely outranked in both of those areas then you are not going to win. How can you possibly make a comeback against such odds? Surge can come up with the best plans ever, but they still won’t be enough to turn the tables here. Grimmjow wins.

Phoebe vs Grimmjow

Phoebe is a pretty skilled gym leader. She has a solid array of Pokemon at the ready so Grimmjow will have to worry about more than one opponent at a time. Even with that it shouldn’t be a problem for him to win the match though. Grimmjow is an Espada and as such he has access to the Cero blasts. A Cero covers a wide range of territory in each hit so he could hit all of her Pokemon at once and then with quick hand to hand moves knock them out of commission. Grimmjow wins.

Grimmjow vs Neo

It’s time for Neo to return to the center stage. She won’t be able to claim victory here though. Neo’s fighting style revolves around a lot of quick parries and getting the opponent tired. Those tactics won’t work on someone like Grimmjow who has massive amounts of stamina and power. He’s simply not going to get weaker as the fighting goes on which is really bad news for Neo. It means that she is really out of her depth in this battle. Grimmjow wins.

Adam Taurus vs Grimmjow

Adam Taurus is a very powerful RWBY character who may not appear again, but had a very impressive streak either way. The problem for him here is that Grimmjow is on a completely different level. It’s hard to picture Adam being able to get anywhere near Grimmjow. Grimmjow’s attack range is far greater and his speed is also superior. When you take all of that into consideration Adam’s chances of victory are at pretty much 0. Grimmjow wins.

Ice (Pokemon Ranger) vs Grimmjow

Ice has returned once more, but all he will find around the corner this time is defeat. Grimmjow is way too strong and fast for any Pokemon fighter. That’s just the hard facts one must face when dealing with an opponent on the level of an Espada. Grimmjow would be able to knock Ice out before his Pokemon could even react and even if he decided to let them get the opening strike in it would not do a whole lot of damage. Grimmjow is simply too powerful. Grimmjow wins.

Shouichiro Nagi vs Grimmjow

Shouichiro Nagi has returned, but he definitely isn’t ready to deal with someone like Grimmjow yet. Grimmjow would have no problem overpowering Nagi’s demon exorcist form. Grimmjow has the edge in power as well as speed. His energy claws can also break through any defensive block Nagi tries. An Espada just isn’t the kind of opponent that Nagi is ready to handle yet, but perhaps someday down the road. Grimmjow wins.

Maguro Kurokami vs Grimmjow

While Medaka may be a quality character the same cannot be said for her brother. Maguro knows how to work on battle form and the like, but he definitely isn’t ready for a true fight. Grimmjow has the spirit of a warrior and knows how to train as well as fight. Maguro will quickly realize that he is out of his league and will likely feel the fear. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up throwing in the white flag right away to save himself the trouble. What he really needed was a super form. Grimmjow wins.

Zuno vs Grimmjow

Zuno may claim to know a lot of things, but that will only work against him in this match. He’ll know right away that this is about to be a big loss and that’s not the kind of information that you want to know. Grimmjow’s abilities are on a completely different level so this really won’t be much of a match. As soon as the fight starts Zuno will be down for the count. He’s really not much of a fighter. Grimmjow wins.