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Grimmjow vs Neo

It’s time for Neo to return to the center stage. She won’t be able to claim victory here though. Neo’s fighting style revolves around a lot of quick parries and getting the opponent tired. Those tactics won’t work on someone like Grimmjow who has massive amounts of stamina and power. He’s simply not going to get weaker as the fighting goes on which is really bad news for Neo. It means that she is really out of her depth in this battle. Grimmjow wins.

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Senku vs Neo

Senku is a really good scientist, but that doesn’t mean that he’s ready for a fight at this level. Neo is incredibly powerful to the point where she was able to easily defeat Yang in a fight. Senku can’t think his way out of an impossible fight like this and Neo will be controlling the match from start to finish. Senku’s only logical choice here is to surrender because that’s 1 billion % his only chance to win. Neo wins.

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Martin Riggs vs Neo

Martin Riggs is one of those guys who gets the job done even if it may look a little messy at times. He’s not afraid of a whole lot, but facing Neo would terrify him. She wouldn’t even need a weapon to take him down since her raw strength is so impressive. A single punch would knock the fight out of Martin and I dare say that giving up is his best option. There’s just no way to take Neo down. Neo wins.

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Dr. Jekyll vs Neo

Jekyll has returned, but he won’t be able to win this round. Neo can take on the appearance of anyone she wants so she can mess with Jekyll’s fragile mental state by becoming another Hyde. The only difference here is that she can actually fight. Neo would easily be able to mess Jekyll up with minimal effort thanks to her advanced skill set. She’s simply too fast and advanced for him to do much. Neo wins.