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Martin Riggs vs Neo

Martin Riggs is one of those guys who gets the job done even if it may look a little messy at times. He’s not afraid of a whole lot, but facing Neo would terrify him. She wouldn’t even need a weapon to take him down since her raw strength is so impressive. A single punch would knock the fight out of Martin and I dare say that giving up is his best option. There’s just no way to take Neo down. Neo wins.

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Martin Riggs vs Luke Benson


This is a tribute to Lethal Weapon. Martin looked pretty good here. He made the shots when needed and was critical in stopping the villains. Without him the heroes would have been absolutely doomed. Luke is a decent shot and can hit people right in front of him, but that’s really all we know. Luke also doesn’t have Martin’s expert hand to hand training so that’s another strike against him. Luke’s gonna have to hit the gym if he wants to win this one. Martin Riggs wins.