Maverick (Top Gun) vs Nancy Drew

This is a tribute to Top Gun Maverick and Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase. Maverick did good here throughout the movie. He rose to every challenge and even learned what it meant to be a good instructor. Going from being a solo act to a leader isn’t easy and it’s something Nancy Drew could have learned during her missing staircase adventure. She really didn’t do things the right way and ultimately didn’t seem to learn any lessons by the end. She’s not beating someone like Maverick. Maverick (Top Gun) wins.

Judge Dredd vs Nancy Drew

This is a tribute to Dredd as well as Nancy Drew….Sharpshooter. . Judge Dredd definitely looked good here as he took out tons of fighters and wasn’t even breaking a sweat. Nobody could take him down and Nancy won’t be pulling this off either. Ultimately she gets distracted from her mission too much and doesn’t have the level of discipline that he has. Detective skills can only take you so far in a fight. Judge Dredd wins.

Iwanaga vs Nancy Drew

Iwanaga and Nancy Drew are both detectives but it’s safe to say that Iwanaga usually deals with the more dangerous cases. She is more agile as well and having a robotic leg certainly doesn’t hurt when trying to land a solid blow. If Drew had more formal hand to hand training then she could make this one close but as it stands I don’t see her winning in this battle of detectives. Iwanaga is too formidable. Iwanaga wins.

Martin Riggs vs Nancy Drew

This is a tribute to Lethal Weapon 2 and Nancy Drew…Reporter. Nancy didn’t look particularly great in her film this time as she made her partner basically do all of the work. She’s also not really much of a fighter in general although she can throw hands if absolutely necessary. This will put her in a pretty tough predicament against Martin because that guy is an agent who has absolutely been trained to fight. He did a good job in the film and is always ready to take some risks. Martin Riggs wins.

He Man vs Nancy Drew

This is a tribute to the original Nancy Drew film as well as the He Man movie. Nancy mostly let her friend do the work in this one so it wasn’t her best appearance. While He Man’s movie may not have been the 10 star experience everyone was hoping for, He Man did let loose against the armies of foes that came up against him. I think he earned himself a good win here and in a fight there’s no way he would lose. He Man wins.

Nancy Drew vs Katniss

Suggested by Destroyer Nancy Drew is a great detective, but I don’t think she is quite ready to win this fight. Katniss is used to fighting in very desperate situations and is able to adapt on the fly. A single hit from her arrows will take Nancy down for the count. Even if Drew knows what Katniss will do next, she won’t be able to evade the hit. Katniss wins.

Nancy Drew vs Coraline

Nancy Drew is a pretty tough detective and I’m pretty sure that she can hold her own against Coraline. Coraline is definitely a powerful opponent, but she won’t be able to defeat Nancy. Nancy is better at hand to hand combat and she seems to be stronger than Coraline. Coraline will have to start off with a loss! Nancy Drew wins.

Ebirah vs Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew may be a detective, but in the end it won’t be enough to beat a kaiju of such power. Ebirah just needs one solid hit to take her down. Nancy Drew just wasn’t prepared to fight a giant monster. Ebirah has finally gotten a much needed win. Maybe he’ll get more soon. Ebirah wins.

Hawkgirl vs Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is a detective and knows how to assess the situation at hand. With her awesome detective skills there is no mystery that she can’t crack. Hawkgirl may have her thunder mace, but in the end she won’t even need it. Beating Nancy Drew will be a snap for her. Nancy Drew drops down the ranks. Hawkgirl wins.