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Harley Quinn vs Hawkgirl

Suggested by Sonic Harley Quinn is definitely a character who has been getting a lot of screen time recently. She’s an excellent hand to hand fighter and even got superhuman abilities for a while. That said, Hawkgirl easily wins this round. She became a Black Lantern at one point which gave her a whole slew of great abilities and additionally she already had super strength and some slight healing regeneration. In a straight fight I don’t see any way Harley Quinn can even try to turn the tides of battle. Hawkgirl wins.

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He Man vs Hawkgirl

Suggested by Sonic Hawkgirl is a powerful warrior who is proficient in close quarters combat. Her Mace also disrupts magic so He Man better be careful here. Still, he’s no slouch in hand to hand combat either and his raw power is on a whole different level. I don’t think Hawkgirl will really be able to stay in the fight against him for very long. He’s just too powerful. He Man wins.

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Hawkgirl vs Bizarro

Suggested by Destroyer Hawkgirl is a tough warrior but her bark is usually much worse than her bite. Bizarro is far more powerful than her so he only really needs one hit. Hawkgirl’s mace likely wouldn’t even deal any real damage to the guy. Bizarro is just a little too sturdy and we haven’t even begun to discuss his super speed yet which makes this even more one sided. Bizarro wins.

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Hro Talak vs Hawkgirl

Hro Talak is back and this is actually a pretty close fight. Hro Talak and Hawkgirl are both pretty good fighters and have a lot of experience. Hro Talak has more physical strength, but I’d say that Hawkgirl is better at hand to hand. I also think her mace is a better choice of weapon. Hawkgirl wins.

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Hawkgirl vs Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is a detective and knows how to assess the situation at hand. With her awesome detective skills there is no mystery that she can’t crack. Hawkgirl may have her thunder mace, but in the end she won’t even need it. Beating Nancy Drew will be a snap for her. Nancy Drew drops down the ranks. Hawkgirl wins.

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Angel vs Hawkgirl

Hawkgirl has her mace and super strength. Not to mention that she also has a Black Lantern ring which helps a lot. With it there are many who don’t have enough power to stop her. Angel is one of those guys. He just didn’t have what it takes to win this battle. Hawkgirl rises in the rankings. Hawkgirl wins.