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Xana vs Amy

Xana is back and now he’s up against Amy! This is definitely a closer fight than his battles against Sonic and Silver since Amy’s super forms haven’t looked quite as impressive. Well, at least she still does have a Hyper Mode at the ready and while her speed may not be on par with Sonic’s; it will be more than enough in this round. Amy wins.

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Iron King vs Amy

The Iron King is a pretty powerful opponent and he is able to match Amy blow for blow which is definitely an impressive feat of strength. He may even be stronger than Amy physically, but Amy does have the speed advantage which helps to even things out. She has a lot of experience with her Pico Pico Hammer and it has seen some cool upgrades over the years as well. I don’t believe that the Iron King would ultimately be able to keep up with her. Amy wins.

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Sonic vs Amy

Amy has her trusty hammer at the ready, but will it really be enough to win? Sonic is a lot faster than Amy and he has more battle experience. Lets not forget that Sonic can use the powers of Chaos Control!!! Amy takes another loss, but im sure that she will make a comeback someday. For now, this is Sonic’s victory! Sonic wins.

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Eggman vs Amy

This is a decently close round. Amy has a decent level of super speed, but that’s about it. Her physical power is decent, but she just doesn’t have as many abilities as the average Sonic character. Eggman’s robots have given Sonic a good run for his money in the past. I believe that Eggman actually has the edge in this round, but Amy could easily change that with a power up in the future. Eggman wins.

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Metal Sonic vs Amy

Amy is skilled with a hammer, but she doesn’t stand a chance against Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic can reach some pretty incredible speeds and he’s not the type of opponent who will go down so easily. Metal Sonic has taken on powerful opponents like Sonic in the past and he’s one of the strongest characters in the universe. Amy has a good amount of speed on her side, but it just won’t be enough. Metal Sonic wins.

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Amy vs Metal Sonic