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Sonic Mania Adventures Review

It’s time to look at the little promo series Sega came out with to promote the complete Sonic Mania collection. It’s always nice to see a company put out a little extra effort to bring something like this to the table. It’s just a cool thing to do and I’m always up for some new animations. When you combine the 5 parts the series is around 11 minutes. In that time we get to see the main cast of Sonic Mania mix it up a bit. It’s a solid promo that I would recommend to anyone.

The basic premise is that Sonic and Tails are having fun on the island when they notice that Eggman is up to his old tricks once again. They decide to put a stop to him while grabbing the Chaos Emeralds along the way. Meanwhile Knuckles, Mighty, and Ray are also having some trouble with Eggman. The group all head towards Eggman’s location from various directions. Eggman was prepared for this though and sends out Metal Sonic. Can the heroes defeat a being who is as fast as Sonic and is powered by the Chaos Emeralds?

Right away you’ll have to give the series a lot of credit for its nostalgic art direction. The characters all really look like their counterparts from the original games. The animation is like something out of the original Sonic cartoon but possibly even more retro. It’s all very smooth and once again you’ll wonder why we get this level of animation for a web series while the cartoons on TV don’t even look as good. It’s a very different style from many of the other Sonic cartoons, but it holds its own against all of them. Sonic X certainly still looks the best, but this one would give Sonic Boom a run for its money in the graphics department.

Then you’ve also got the classic music which is a lot of fun as well. It makes all of this feel like a 2D Sonic adventure. Considering that this was before any of the characters could talk either, the series has to be very expressive with them. You can always tell what the characters are thinking and doing so that’s another bit of credit we have to give the animation team. Sometimes a character can just be annoying when they can’t talk as poor writers can’t use them well, but this show had no problems there.

Sonic is a solid character as always and I was glad to see him head right for Metal Sonic and enter battle. He’s as fearless as always and Sonic also puts up a great fight considering that he was holding his own against Metal Sonic while in base form. Tails is nice as well although he doesn’t really get to do much. It’s still always good to have a sidekick. Mighty gets a considerable amount of hype here as he completely destroys Metal Sonic in a fight. Who knew that this guy was so high tier? Ray doesn’t do nearly as well, but then again he never was too much of a fighter so I suppose it was to be expected to an extent. Then we have Knuckles who got less of a role than the others, but did come through in the end when it counted.

I can’t say that Metal Sonic’s appearance was too positive though since he was treated as a big punching bag the whole time. It’s unfortunate because he should be way stronger than these guys. This isn’t meant to be a very serious action show so it’s not like we were ever going to get really long fights, but Metal Sonic still could have looked more powerful with the amount of screen time that he was given. His fight also had some stills when I would have preferred to see him speed blitzing, but we got scenes of both varieties for him so it’s not really a problem. Eggman was also consistent as always which is good.

Overall, This special was a lot of fun to watch. I’d recommend it to anyone and at 11 minutes you have no good excuse not to watch it. It’s a fun adventure with a little action, you can’t go wrong there. Hopefully one day we will get another full length Sonic show since the possibilities are always endless for it. If TMNT can get so many different shows within such a small time frame, Sonic should also get the same treatment. He has proven that action as well as comedy works within his universe so no matter which direction they take the franchise in, we should be set for a golden experience. Yes, I don’t have Sonic Mania at the moment, but I’m sure its time will come. As a Sonic fan I’d expect nothing less.

Overall 7/10

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Astro Boy vs Eggman

Eggman has a lot of good inventions and I’m particularly fond of his Egg Emperor form. That being said, Astro Boy’s physical strength is said to surpass even that of Mega Man’s and his arm cannon can easily blow up most adversaries. Eggman won’t be able to keep up with Astro Boy’s superior speed and one punch would shatter just about any one of Eggman’s robots. Astro Boy is one of the original fighters and he’s not going down anytime soon! Astro Boy wins.

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Eggman vs Hibiki

Eggman has a lot of robots on his side, but his strongest is probably the Egg Emperor and that’s just not going to cut it against Hibiki. Hibiki has some pretty powerful monsters on his side. He may not have all that many compared to other main characters, but they are all pretty strong so it’s the classic quality vs quantity. I’m confident that his Fire bird will be enough to take Eggman down for the count. Hibki wins.

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Sonic Genesis Review

It’s time for a Sonic arc that is a little more recent than the last pair of archives that I reviewed. Sonic Genesis takes us back to the good ole days where all we needed to see was Sonic defeat Eggman. No side plots, No Sonic clones, just good ole fashioned speed. It’s ironic since this is basically a tribute to the original Sonic comics that I am currently reading. As always, Sonic Genesis makes for a pretty fun read and Sonic is as intense as you would expect from the hero.

The arc starts off with a big battle between Sonic and the latest Silver Sonic robot while Sally tries to deactivate Eggman’s ultimate weapon. The battle is going well, but they are unprepared for Eggman’s plan. Let’s just say that Eggman basically takes the decisive victory and Sonic is thrown into a whole new world and his memories have been taken along with everyone else’s. Can Sonic defeat Eggman in this new timeline and what has changed with the time shift? The only way to find out is to take Eggman down once and for all.

The art is pretty solid as you would expect from the Sonic comics. The opening and ending are particularly good since it really has a modern feeling to it and the fight scenes are intense. The majority of the comic still looks great, but it’s a homage to the classic comics so it’s not quite as intense. It’s a lot brighter and more colorful though and witnessing the old designs is cool. I definitely have no complaints on this end.

The comics continue to show me why Eggman is a much better villain in this continuity than in the games. He had his moments in the video games, but they are all over and it could be a long time until he looks cool there. In the comics, he’s pretty serious when he wants to be and his victory in the beginning is easily one of his biggest ones. He actually murders one of the Freedom Fighters and let’s just say that the planet has seen better days after he’s done. This is basically the second time in a short period that he has brought Sonic onto the losing side and I’m sure that it won’t be the last occurrence. Eggman goes back to being a comic relief character in the new world so we may have to wait a bit until his next serious moment. (Or will we……)

Sonic is true to form in this arc. There’s not much more to say here than what I’ve said in past Sonic collections. He’s a great leader and he knows when it’s time to go in solo. He made the heroic choices when necessary and he was also careful to learn from his mistakes in the first issue. He did get a little distracted by romance at one part, but I’ll let it slide for now since nothing came of it. Sonic starts out the collection epicly and ends on a solid note as well since he managed to take Metal Sonic and Silver Sonic on at the same time. That’s a pretty impressive display if you ask me!

Sally gets a decently big role from the Freedom Fighters since she is the leader in the new world. (Although, she’s always the leader right?) I don’t know how the Freedom Fighters ever managed without Sonic, but she comes up with the plans and the others follow her. They figure that they will destroy Eggman’s facilities, which will take away his power and halt his plans. A good strategy to be sure, but it is time consuming so it’s good that Sonic split away from the group. Sally was all right here, but she really needs to keep her guard up. There were a few times where she would have been doomed if not for Sonic.

Antoine isn’t a good character in this collection. His accent is still hard to read, but the real problem is that he never actually helps out when the going gets tough. He’s just there to remind the heroes that he’s still around and he typically gets in the way. He has his big moment, but he’s still comic relief during it. Unlike Eggman, he never turns serious, which certainly doesn’t help his case.

He still does have more of a role than Boomer/Rotor and Tails though. Boomer is really just there to remind the Freedom Fighters that they would do better if Sonic was around and Tails provides air support for Sonic. Keeping them as assist characters isn’t bad though since every team typically has a member or two who doesn’t appear all that much. We know that Tails gets some comics to himself and maybe Boomer will someday as well.

Silver Sonic looks pretty impressive and he’s definitely not someone to be trifled with. He gives Sonic a very good fight in the first round and the second one barely counts since Sonic knows what he will do ahead of time. Metal Sonic is given more of an expendable role this time since Sonic is able to deal with him as an afterthought. That’s the main problem with appearing so much. Eventually, the villain will just start to get weaker and weaker until he isn’t even a threat anymore.

It’s always fun to see teams forming so it was nice to see how Sonic and Tails met the Freedom Fighters. Sonic definitely showed them up right away and we even got to see his first meeting with Eggman and Snively. Sonic’s origin stories actually aren’t told very often so I didn’t mind seeing these new experiences. If only Sonic had a rival back in those days to spar with. Shadow is referenced, but it wouldn’t be fitting to have him in a homage to the old comics.

This Sonic comic goes back to its roots since there is a lot more humor while maintaining the tense feel of the new comics. It’s a tough blend to achieve, but the collection does it well. The bright levels and backgrounds really contrast with the present setting of the beginning and ending. The ending is pretty great as it ends with a pretty big cliffhanger that shows a brand new villain to the franchise. This villain is pretty tough and I’ve read an issue with her in the past. Let’s just say that she may be able to give some of the Metal Sonics a run for their money! The next volume will likely not be quite as cheerful since things are getting pretty personal for Sonic. Of course, it could be a while before I read that graphic novel.

I can’t really say that there are any weaknesses in this volume. It’s a blast to read and you’ll be stuck to it until you are done. The comic has no negatives and that’s pretty rare although not really for this series. The ultimate factor in a comic is how much fun it is and Sonic is never lacking in that area. The collection never drags on either. Even if you don’t understand the references and homages to the olden days, you will still enjoy this collection for its solid story and witty dialogue.

Overall, Sonic Genesis is yet another solid installment to the Sonic franchise. I haven’t met a bad Sonic comic yet and I don’t really see that happening at this rate. His comics are just too interesting and the artwork is too good. The writing is always well done and the characters all have the potential to be likable. (With a few exceptions) Eggman finally gets the respect that he deserves in these issues and the stakes continue to get higher and higher. I highly recommend this title to all Sonic fans and to all people that like a nice blend of comedy and action.

Overall 7/10

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Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Volume 2 Review

Sonic’s comics continue to prove that they can hold their own against the competition with this volume. Eggman is ready with some more plans, but the Freedom Fighters shall never yield! The series was still a comedy with some action at the time, but the superb writing and spot on art make it work. It’s hard to have a main character who’s as cool as Sonic nowadays.

There are quite a few stories in this collection. One story adapts the famous Christmas Carol story and Eggman is visited by Snively and multiple Sonics. Will they be able to show Eggman the error of his ways or will everything be for naught? We also have an adaption of Sonic Spinball and things are definitely a little rough for Sonic to say the least. He may have finally met his match since Eggman’s booby traps are everywhere and even Sonic’s speed will have a tough time countering them. One of the highlights was probably the issue where Sonic had to fight off a bunch of robots based off of famous comic book characters. Let’s just say that Spawn is one of them and Sonic has to exploit the weakness that all superheroes have. The fact that they have to pose for the camera! Other stories have the Olympics where the Freedom Fighters must stop Eggman and his cronies, A search for Uncle Chuck’s treasure, and more. There are definitely a lot of tales to be told despite the small size of the collection.
Surprisingly, there are many people who refuse to believe that Sonic is faster than light. That’s why I posted a picture that confirms that he is. This is one of the many reasons why the old Sonic comics were awesome. They try to nerf him nowadays by making him only around supersonic in normal battle speed, but that’s not the Sonic that I grew up with. He casually moves at hypersonic speeds in this volume and as shown, Sonic can also reach lightspeed at will with no prep time. Does he need to start building up speed first like Superman? No! Sonic is just That good!

Sonic is as likable as ever. He’s the best fighter that the team has and he knows it! Sonic really flaunts his speed in the collection and this never gets old. We get all kinds of crazy feats and the other Freedom Fighters take it in stride. Eggman will land the occasional shot in, but Sonic is always grinning so you can tell that he’s not worried. Why would he be? Sonic does manage to defeat Eggman and his cronies whenever he feels like it so he definitely has every right to be immensely confident. Yup, it’s definitely hard for any of the other characters to match Sonic’s brilliance.

Eggman is also pretty solid in this collection. He does especially well in the Christmas Carol since he actually mails a bomb to the Freedom Fighters. You gotta admit that this is actually a great plan and it’s not even that risky. I also find it pretty awesome to see Eggman trash his subordinates with such ease. At one point, he’s tossing one of his minions in the dumpster when a Swatbot comes in to watch. He’s goading Eggman on and loving every second of it…until he’s thrown in as well. See, Eggman really doesn’t mess around and that’s why he’s so intense!

The rest of the characters are around. I mean, Sally is your typical leader and the Walrus is still decently smart as well. Snively is already on the losing side of things and Tails doesn’t appear for very long. I will say that I like the Swatbots more and more as they continue to appear in the comics. It’s just hard to make minions that cool anymore. They make puns and they even insult the heroes when necessary. As a certain commenter once said “Your insults are not necessary.” They may not be, but the Swatbot likes to throw them in anyway!

These are definitely the Sonic comics that I remember. I have to say that the Sonic comics from back in the day are easily better than the competition from DC and Marvel. The comics even address this as Sonic beats up all of your favorite mascots from the good ole days. I will admit that the old Superman comics do give this title some competition, but Sonic edges out. It’s consistently great! We’re still in the older days of the series and it’ll be fun to see how the series develops. One thing’s for sure, the Sonic comic series was awesome as a comedy and it’s awesome as a plot based series in the current issues. Either the author is that good or Sonic is a franchise that will always turn out okay. (Even Sonic Boom has its charm)

Overall, There really isn’t anything wrong with this Sonic collection. All of the comics are a lot of fun and it doesn’t fall into any holes. The art is great and the writing is just as solid. The adventures are all pretty amusing and the many references add extra replay value to the issues. We can’t forget the fact that this comic finally ends the debate of whether Sonic is lightspeed in his base form or not. It’s something that I’ve always figured and it’s good to have some confirmation of this. I highly recommend this collection and it’s a very light read. It won’t take you too long to breeze through it, but you’ll be reminded of why you liked the Sonic franchise in the first place. Sonic definitely has the most successful game based comic series of them all and I’m looking forward to reading the next volume! (Hopefully this title convinced you to buy Sonic Spinball!)

Overall 7/10

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Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Volume 1 Review

I’ve read a lot of the newer Sonic comics, but I’ll admit that I have not really experienced most of the classic ones. The first volume of the archives is a good start since it brings some of the first Sonic comics that were ever written! It’s an interesting change of pace from the modern issues and you can definitely tell that things have changed. Luckily, these issues still hold up pretty well.

Giving you a plot summary can be a little tricky though. It’s not as if these stories really had a whole lot of continuity back in the day and they’re all self contained stories. They are also really short stories. One of them features a battle between Super Sonic and the Universalmander, which was pretty cool. I can’t say that I expected to see any of them so early. Another story has Eggman hire a pretty powerful monkey with explosive coconuts to take out Sonic and the Freedom Fighters once and for all.

Sonic is as cool as you would expect. He’s always got a good pun at the ready and he doesn’t mind breaking the fourth wall when necessary. He’s ultimately confident and his personality actually hasn’t changed all that much when compared to the newest issues. He doesn’t have to worry about a lot of different dramas and side quests so he’s totally devoted to showing off and using his super speed to mess with Eggman. This is how you write a main character!

The Universalmander is probably the strongest enemy that Sonic has ever faced up to now. Sonic still defeated him with incredible ease as he just jumped right through the poor guy, but we can’t forget that Sonic did need to use the power of the Chaos Emeralds first. I don’t believe that anyone will give Sonic a real run for his money for a while, so this was good enough for this fighter. You gotta love the name though!

One of the enemies had explosive coconuts, but there isn’t much to say about him. I remember him from the games and even Sonic DX has a variation of this opponent. Throwing things is cool…but not very effective against an opponent as fast as Sonic. The other Freedom Fighters don’t get much of a role yet. Antoine is already starting to feel sorry for himself because the other never ask for his advice. (Little does he know that they always try, but he’s too lost in his thoughts to hear them) Sally is already the tactician of the group, but the plans are all fairly basic since Sonic likes to be direct. She’s not really a fighter yet. Tails is still in the kid phase. He doesn’t really seem to understand what’s happening and everything is a game to him. He gets the heroes into a pretty dicey spot by mistake. (And he gets mad at Sonic in 100 issues for treating him like a child!) I’m definitely glad that Sega severely changed his design later on since the brown just didn’t work for him.

Eggman is the main villain of course and he’s pretty solid. It was cool to see him literally feed his minions to the scrapper. This guy isn’t playing around. Naturally, Eggman mostly takes the brunt of every joke, but he takes them in stride. His minions always comment on his round shape, but he ignored them and just goes about his business. Of course, he did destroy some of his minions so I guess the insults may play a part in that. I’m don’t care for any of Eggman’s minions at this point so it’s good to see Eggman thinning out the ranks. He does get a good shot on Sonic when he throws him around through the pinball machine. Even then, Sonic is too busy making puns to really be in any danger, but at least the mad doctor got his kicks. This was definitely how his comic relief era started and I’m happy to say that it works better for him than his rivals in Wily and Bowser.

It’s pretty cool to see how the comics have changed. This same series is still going on today as the series nears its 300th issue. (In about 30 issues) These were definitely simpler days for the heroes and we don’t have any extra hedgehogs. I’m sure that Metal Sonic and the others join the crew soon, but the issues are still fun. There really isn’t a lot of action in it, but this one is really more of a fun comedy. Breaking the fourth wall becomes pretty regular after a while and the characters continue to trade insults and puns.

The art is a little rough around the edges, but it’s still pretty good. The attention to the details can really make some scenes have an extra punch and the action scenes that we do get are pretty great. Just one look at Sonic’s speed is enough to make you feel a little bad for the villains. They really don’t stand a chance at all.

Overall, This is a solid start to the Sonic comics. I doubt that the writers could have ever dreamed that it would get so popular. Archie has done a great job with Sonic throughout the years. This collection may not be quite as intriguing as the new Sonic Universe and Saga collections, but every good franchise must start from somewhere. The issues definitely hold up from the good ole days. They are more comedy based so that could be a turn off for some, but the humor is very well done. The collection is also very short so you are able to go through it rather quickly. I imagine that you can currently buy it for a very low price and it’s worth it. You can proudly say that you own the very first Sonic comic that started the epic comic franchise that we see today. It’ll be fun to see if the change to the modern times is very sudden or so subtle that I won’t even notice. We shall see!

Overall 7/10

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Eggman vs Wily

Eggman and Wily are easily two of the most iconic villain geniuses of all time. Nobody can forget their giant robots or their powerful schemes of world domination. I would argue that Wily’s intellect definitely surpasses Eggman’s though. He helped to build Mega Man, which exceeds Dr. Eggman’s inventions. (The ones that he manages to hold on to anyway) Eggman’s Egg Emperor is a powerful threat though and I don’t believe that Wily’s machines would really be able to stop it. It’s just too large and it could fire powerful lasers to take Wily down for good. Eggman wins.

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Sonic Saga Series Volume 3 Eggman Empire Review

The Sonic Saga Series continues in this installment. After the big fight with Anonymous, the series had a lot of options as to what the next story should be about. There are many subplots still going, but this one decides to focus on Eggman. He unleashes his new scheme and it may be the most devastating one yet!

The collection begins with Sonic and friends saving the Chao Garden from Eggman or they at least manage to save the Chaos. They bring the Chaos home and have a blast with them. Everything is going well as Antoine and Bunny finally decide to become partners and the heroes have not enjoyed such a time of peace in a long while. Unfortunately, Espio goes missing and then Eggman appears. This time, he plans to finish off the heroes once and for all! The peace has abruptly ended and Sonic will have to fight Eggman with everything on the line!

There is also a short backup comic featuring Blaze as she searches for the legendary blue hedgehog. She has to fight through some minions in order to do this, but she proves to be no match for the Swatbots. Eventually, she wakes up and is face to face with Sonic. She’s going to fight her way out of this, but can she really defeat such a legend? It’s going to take everything that she has!

The backup is pretty light and the tone is what you would expect from your average Sonic comic. The main saga is surprisingly dark (for a Sonic comic) and the situation feels a lot more dire than the last few events. Espio may have been assassinated and then Eggman begins to vaporize Sonic’s friends. All of them are destroyed except for Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, and Tails. (Coincidence eh?) Now, everyone dying would be going a little too far so I’m sure that you sense a plot twist around the corner. Naturally I won’t say what it is, but there is a twist involved.

That being said, it still feels serious for the heroes. The comic plays out like The Death of Superman in that the first comics build tension as we get to briefly see Espio between comics as he finds out Eggman’s secret plan, but he is then caught. Then we see the shadow slowly creeping towards Mobius, but the heroes are completely unaware of the danger. It’s pretty nerve wrecking stuff and it doesn’t help that Sonic is still sad about not being able to save Tommy or Sir Connery. What if he simply isn’t fast enough to save his friends?

Sonic is the main star of course and he still has to do all of the heavy lifting for the heroes. He’s still having some mild romance drama and he’s not as chipper as usual because the tensions are finally getting to him. He couldn’t save his friends last time and he’s starting to be at odds with Tails. He still tries to act happy and without a care, but it’s an act that the other characters see through with ease. Sonic still takes command of the situation when danger strikes and he definitely gives the fight his all. You can’t help but feel bad for him after his big defeat against Eggman. It’s definitely a low moment for our hero, but he finally begins to look like himself after the heroes come up with a new plan. It’s good to see a serious side of Sonic, but I’ll always prefer his classic attitude. He’ll use his speed to solve all problems.

I don’t really get the drama between Tails and Sonic. It seems to mostly be on Tails’ end and he may be jealous of Sonic’s methods or the whole Fiona situation. Either way, it seems a little petty and he shouldn’t forget all of the times that Sonic saved him. He also calls Sonic out on not saving some of the friends who died, which is a very low move. I can’t say that I liked Tails in this volume and I have my doubts about the next one based on the cover. Still, maybe Sonic will start it that time and I’ll be on Tails’ side. I was definitely with Sonic in this one though. He’s the only one who ever really fights Eggman so why should that change?

Eggman has finally unveiled his master plan this time. He gives us a lot of plot twists about how he could take Sonic and the others out at any time and how the rest of the planet already knew this and that’s why nobody tried to warn the heroes. He does manage to take on all of the heroes with only two robots when he has a legion with hundreds of others. Technically, he probably could eradicate most of the heroes with ease, but Sonic and Shadow would likely survive. The thing is, most villains could beat their heroes if they truly went all out and Eggman is no exception. The main problem is that he always causes his own demise. It’s just something that villains have to do or else the series would be over.

That being said, Eggman still does a good job in this volume. His fight against Sonic is pretty big and it’s a very monumental win for him. He completely defeated Sonic and eradicated any hope for success. His biggest mistake was assuming that Sonic would become depressed and not go after him. I really don’t know why he ever thought that. Still, he’s not done yet and the next volume will be very action packed. I wonder how far Eggman will go to destroy the heroes. He’s definitely being portrayed as a serious threat right now and we’ll see if that sticks.

Espio’s subplot is what starts the whole thing off. He is a professional, but he really seems to have too much pride as he keeps on challenging dangerous missions on his own. It doesn’t pay off since Eggman’s plan is so diabolical that Espio can’t help but gasp and let the world know that he’s there. Eggman arrives and what follows is a really emotional moment where we realize that this could be the end of one of the cooler Sonic characters. (Playing as him in Sonic Heroes back in the day was cool) The fact that Espio gasped from shock was a little unbelievable though. I guess they had to give some excuse as to how the villains would find Espio, but they should have just had a robot that could see through invisibility.

Snively helps Eggman out during the big plan as he gets to pilot one of the big mechs. He makes short work out of Sonic’s friends while Eggman handles Sonic. He’s definitely come a long way as he started out as a villain, became a hero, then became a villain again. Eggman’s building skills are still good since Snively’s robot is very durable. He’s mostly just Eggman’s assistant who still doesn’t get any respect. Snively doesn’t get a whole lot of personality during this event.

Blaze appears in the backup comic and she’s all right, but losing against the Swatbots was definitely not very impressive. At least she put up a good fight against Sonic, but I couldn’t forget her first battle. Her test for Sonic was pretty extreme, but I suppose that it’s the shonen way of doing things. She’s a decent character and I look forward to seeing her actually team up with Sonic since we haven’t seen that yet.

As always, I enjoyed the art for these comics. It’s pretty colorful, but also dynamic enough to help the fight scenes get going. It still reminds me of DC’s comics and that’s always a good thing. The backup’s art is very different and it’s less detailed to give it a retro feeling. It’s a decently good piece of artwork considering the attempt, but I’d prefer if they just drew it as usual. (Now, if the comic is actually very old, then that mild complaint is moot)

Overall, this was a very good arc. It isn’t even over yet as the heroes are barely surviving and Eggman is now launching the rest of his armada. This may be Mobius’ darkest hour and I’m expecting Sonic to call for backup from Shadow or something. They definitely need some more support at this point since Eggman’s robot has proven to be too powerful for Sonic. That fight was pretty great though and one of the best ones in this series. I highly recommend this volume and it contains everything that you could want in a Sonic comic. It’s pretty deep, the fights are good, and the storyline is great. You could jump onto the series with this one since Eggman is the main villain and he finally makes a move. The art and writing is as good as always and this is really a complete comic. Better make your move fast because I plan on reviewing the next and final (for now) part soon. We shall see if Eggman’s Empire holds true or crumbles.

Overall 8/10

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Lazerman vs Eggman

Lazerman has the disruption blast and that should be enough to take down Eggman’s fierce Egg Emperor. Eggman is a genius and he has many mechs at his disposal, but that also leaves him vulnerable. Having powerful weapons and having powerful abilities are drastically different and the latter is much more effective. Lazerman’s speed will carry him through the match. Lazerman wins.

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Sonic Select Volume 8 Review

It’s been too long since I got to read a good Sonic comic. This is from the Sonic Select series and since it mainly covers the Tails miniseries; it’s a decent way to jump back in. The comics were a little more retro than the cover would have you believe, but that’s mainly a good thing. It feels like reading an old Marvel or DC comic, but with the likable Sonic characters. It’s a pretty quick read, but definitely worth checking out.

The collection brings a brief intro story where Tails must fight against an Octobot so show us how Tails got his sub. That brings us to the main story when Tails decides that it’s up to him to stop Eggman. The Freedom Fighters have been treating him like a kid lately and stopping Eggman will force them to admit that he’s just as much of a fighter as them. This 3 part epic sees Tails go through all sorts of adventures and he won’t stop until Eggman’s plans have been foiled. Things get a little more dicey for Tails when the infamous Crocbot steps in to complicate matters. Tails is going to have to use every bit of power that he’s got if he wants to win this.

The collection also brings a very brief story at the end, which is a very large change of pace. It takes place in the modern day and the art looks to be more 90’s to 2000’s level. Sonic and Tails are training when the cops from the multiverse say that they need Tails to save everything. Sonic tags along and we find out that Knuckles messed up and Mogul now has unlimited power. He’s literally crushing the multiverse and there are only two dimensions (zones) left. Tails is supposed to be the chosen one so all of the Tails from the different dimensions arrive. Will the real Tails be able to use these guys in order to defeat Mogul or are they all doomed? Sonic’s around so at least Tails has an ally that he can count on. Let’s the battles begin!

Sonic doesn’t appear a whole lot, but his brief appearances are pretty epic. He’s nice enough to apologize after the brainwashing done by Eggman and he is pretty brave when he goes up against Mogul. If not for all of the bystanders, I’m pretty sure that Sonic could have taken down Mogul on his own. He is Sonic after all and Mogul wasn’t able to land a single hit on the hedgehog thanks to his speed. This is why Sonic overwhelms most opponents and Mogul wouldn’t be an exception. Sonic definitely proves why he’s typically the main character.

Tails is the main character of the collection and he gets a lot of screen time as a result of this. Tails essentially represents the sidekick who wants to level up as he embarks on all sorts of dangerous quests, but always ends up getting rescued. He retreats into his comics where he changes the facts a little bit to show the world that he is the true hero. It’s pretty bold, but his comics were pretty great so I’ll cut him a little slack. The heroes were definitely being pretty condescending so going out to take on Eggman was the right call. Tails just made a big mistake when he let personal feelings get in the way of the mission. He never really recovered from that.

It’s lucky for Tails that there is a group of underwater Freedom Fighters as well as a Rodeo version. Without them, things definitely would have been dicey for him. Tails definitely gets thrown around a whole lot, but he’s still a pretty likable character. This was before he became known as the smart character of the group so we don’t see a lot of gadgets, but I’m okay with that. Seeing Tails as an adventurer in training is definitely more exciting and Tails does his best to fight the villains on his own. I wouldn’t mind seeing more Tails comics in the future and especially if they’re set in this era. He’s a fun supporting character who can hold his own series.

Eggman is always amusing to see onscreen because his minions insult him all of the time. Eggman typically ignores them, but they can be pretty bold about this. Eggman still does have his moments and his plan to get Tails in the grinder nearly worked thanks to his latest robot. Eggman’s role is pretty minimal after that, but his constant yelling at Crocbot is also fun. The Sonic comics definitely wouldn’t be the same without Eggman and I wish that the current games had kept this design. This was definitely Eggman at around his prime. (Only Adventure 2 Battle could stack up to this one)

I can’t say that I really remember Crocbot prior to this collection, but he seems like a decent villain. He’s basically the wild west version of Eggman and his minions are a lot more respectful. No insults to the Crocbot. He strikes terror into the hearts of many and he’s a decent fighter. He’s not a terrific villain and he lacks Eggman’s charisma, but he’s still a force to be reckoned with and I wouldn’t mind seeing him again.

Mogul is the final villain from the last comic and what he lacks in personality, Mogul makes up for in sheer power. His design was never my favorite since he doesn’t appear to be too fast, but he does have energy blasts. Mogul’s as generic as they come, but we can’t give detailed backgrounds to every character. It just wouldn’t work after a while right? Mogul fits the villain role and that will need to be enough.

The art for the majority of the comics is the old 70s art that we’ve all grown used to. It definitely works for the comics since we have a lot of puns and the art helps with the facial expressions. It may not be 5 star art, but the art is definitely pretty good and it’s nostalgic. There weren’t many battle scenes so I can’t say how it would perform in that area, but it appeared to get the job done and that’s good enough for me.

These comics are very light tones and are similar to the boat stories. The name escapes me at the moment but it had many memorable lines like “Blistering Barnacles” and “Thundering Typhoons.” Really great lines and this collection has a lot of solid ones as well. There is basically a pun a page and I like how Tails continues to mock just about everything. He tells the wise old echidna that he has no time to talk to statues and it’s a bold line. That’s what I liked about these days int he comics; the characters were very bold. It’s a give and take because comics of this era didn’t usually have a lot of fights, but the well played comedy and puns are enough of a counter to make this collection memorable.

Overall, this was a pretty great batch of comics. The final comic in particular was a big change of pace since the multiverse was suddenly at stake and we had a villain who could crush universes. That’s pretty huge and Tails got to step up and get a pretty epic super form. The early comics may not have had as much stakes, but we got to meet a lot of characters and Tails learned a valuable lesson. I would recommend this comic to all comic readers and I don’t see why you wouldn’t like it. This may be volume 8, but it’s safe to jump in since the comics are mostly just the Tails stand alones. This is why Sonic comics are typically so great! Solid cast, art, and plot.

Overall 7/10