Ganondorf vs The BioLizard

Suggested by Destroyer Ganondorf has a lot of physical power particularly thanks to Hyrule Warriors so if he can get in close then he has a shot but that will be tough because of just how strong The BioLizard is with his long range options. He has a ton of energy blasts and long range beams that he can use all day. While Super Sonic and Super Shadow were able to deal with this, it will be very tough fo rGanon and he will be overwhelmed. The BioLizard wins.

Ganondorf vs Eggman

Suggested by Destroyer Ganondorf is a very powerful fighter from the Legend of Zelda series and I think it’s fair to say that none of Eggman’s robot suits would be enough to beat him here. The Egg Emperor and Egg Destroyer are certainly worthy machines but Ganondorf’s power is incredible as seen in Hyrule Warriors. The range would hit Eggman no matter which robots he chooses to hide behind and his own chaos energy won’t be enough to make a big difference here. Ganondorf wins.

Crimson Dragon vs Ganondorf

Suggested by Sonic The Crimson Dragon is indeed a powerful adversary. He has the size, strength, and sheer force of will to keep any opponent at bay. That being said, Ganondorf will know that this is not a fight where he should charge in from the front. He’ll play this carefully and with measured sword swings and long range bolts he will chip away at the Dragon’s health. The Crimson Dragon simply won’t be able to land enough solid blows in time. Ganondorf wins.

Ganondorf vs Sauron (LOTR)

Suggested by Nerd With Too Much Lord of the Rings Knowlage Sauron and Ganondorf are both fighters who manipulate the powers of the shadows. Sauron’s intimidation won’t work on Ganondorf though while Ganon’s magic probably won’t do a lot here. It’s going to come down to close quarters combat and that’s where Ganondorf really shines. He’ll be able to get in close and overwhelm Sauron with his savage fighting style. Sauron will have a hard time keeping up or enduring such blows. Ganondorf wins.

Bayonetta vs Ganondorf

Suggested by Sonic Ganondorf is the king of evil and can certainly defend himself pretty well. His attacks would deal heavy damage if they land, but Bayonetta is far too quick for him. Her attacks also pack a lot of power behind them so Ganondorf will be losing a lot of health with each hit. It’s a match that won’t take very long for Bayonetta to claim victory and Ganondorf doesn’t have a whole lot of options beyond just delaying the inevitable. Bayonetta wins.

Little Mac vs Ganondorf

Suggested by Sonic Little Mac is a very talented boxer and he isn’t the kind of opponent who will go down easy. That being said, he is definitely outmatched against the King of Darkness. Ganondorf’s power outranks Mac’s by a wide margin and it would take a lot of punches to bring him down. Ganondorf’s an old hand at combat and he will be able to easily think up a way to slow Mac down in time to claim the win. Ganondorf wins.

Ganondorf vs Chrom

Suggested by Sonic Ganondorf and Chrom make for pretty equally matched fighters as with Ganon’s battle with Marth. The outcome is also very similar as I believe Chrom’s speed will allow him to claim victory here. Ganondorf is certainly powerful and the attacks that he lands will cause massive damage. That being said, Chrom can dodge enough of them to control the battle to an extent. At that point his superior swordsmanship will take over. Chrom wins.

Ganondorf vs Marth

Suggested by Sonic This is a pretty even match as both characters have shown a great amount of strength and speed in the past. It’s really a battle of movesets from Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors. Ganondorf has the edge in power while Marth is better at swordplay. I think Marth would end up taking the slight win here thanks to his speed advantage, but it’s a classic power vs speed battle that could go either way. Their matchup is roughly 50-50. Marth wins.

Ganondorf vs Ness

Suggested by Sonic Ness is a PK master who can use the various elements for powerful spellcasting. His PK Flash is likely his greatest technique. Ganondorf has magical abilities as well, but his true power comes from his raw strength as well as his endurance. Ness will have a tough time taking him down for the count and staying out of his attack range. The kid doesn’t have enough speed feats to stay away and will ultimately fall here. Ganondorf wins.

Jigglypuff vs Ganondorf

Suggested by Sonic Ganondorf is a pretty strong fighter. Not only is his raw strength impressive but he also has dark magic to augment his abilities. He can take on whole armies. While Jigglypuff is no slouch in the power department either, I have to admit that she is a little outgunned here. Ganondorf is just too powerful a fighter to go down very easy and the sing attacks certainly won’t work on him. He’s got the durability to endure whatever Puff throws at him until he claims victory. Ganondorf wins.