Queen Beryl vs Batwing

Suggested by Destroyer Queen Beryl was one of the first big Sailor Moon villains and her energy attacks are quite fierce. As skilled as Batwing is, he isn’t ready to try to oppose such strength. Batwing’s array of gadgets and tech isn’t quite up to the job here. He definitely has the edge in close quarters combat, but Beryl has no reason to let him even get close and her barrier will certainly be able to block all of his attacks. Queen Beryl wins.

Queen Beryl vs Bedtime Bear

Suggested by Destroyer Bedtime Bear is a very emotional character. If your name revolves around sleeping then that must mean that you sleep quite a lot right? It’s a fair assumption although it really doesn’t mean that Bedtime Bear will do any better in fighting because of it. Whether or not he gets his 8 hours of sleep there is really nothing that he can do against Queen Beryl. She will win this as easily as her other fights. Queen Beryl wins.

Queen Beryl vs Baby Bop

Suggested by Destroyer Baby Bop is a popular character from the world-wide hit known as Barney. Baby Bop is a dinosaur so we can assume that a little enhanced strength and durability come as part of the package. Regardless, that isn’t nearly enough to take down Queen Beryl. She’s dealt with more powerful foes in her day and she doesn’t even need to get near Baby Bop. A single energy blast will do the trick here and the match shouldn’t take longer than a second or two. Queen Beryl wins.

Queen Beryl vs Rhinestone Goomba

Suggested by Destroyer Queen Beryl has returned and now she is up against a Goomba. The Rhinestone version is no ordinary Goomba and is certainly not as popular. That being said, I don’t really see him being able to do a whole lot against Queen Beryl. Beryl is a very formidable foe and her abilities are on a completely different level. One energy shot would take the Goomba down for good and there’s nothing he can do to evade the blast. Queen Beryl wins.

Queen Beryl vs Wile E Coyote

Suggested by Destroyer Queen Beryl is one of the first big Sailor Moon villains and she definitely has some pretty good abilities. For starters she can fire off ball so energy which deal a lot of damage. I don’t expect that Wile E Coyote could survive any such hits. He’s also not fast enough to dodge them for long and his own attacks won’t be able to break through her barrier. No matter how you slice it, the Coyote is definitely doomed in this round. Queen Beryl wins.

Queen Beryl vs Dr Strange

Suggested by iKnowledge Queen Beryl is one of the most popular Sailor Moon villains. She certainly put up an impressive fight when necessary and was a figure who commanded respect. That being said, I think Dr Strange has the edge here. His abilities are more versatile so he is less predictable. Beryl will have to rely on her barrier and energy blast while Dr Strange can fly around or use his magic in a variety of ways like with his magic chains or duplicates. Either way, I think that will quickly prove to be too much for Queen Beryl. Dr Strange wins.

Queen Beryl vs Bass

Queen Beryl is a dark being of power who was a big threat to the Moon. Of course Bass is more than a couple leagues above her and could end her with one attack. She doesn’t have the skills to defeat Bass. Bass gets another win and shows why he’s the best. Bass wins.