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Queen Beryl vs Dr Strange

Suggested by iKnowledge Queen Beryl is one of the most popular Sailor Moon villains. She certainly put up an impressive fight when necessary and was a figure who commanded respect. That being said, I think Dr Strange has the edge here. His abilities are more versatile so he is less predictable. Beryl will have to rely on her barrier and energy blast while Dr Strange can fly around or use his magic in a variety of ways like with his magic chains or duplicates. Either way, I think that will quickly prove to be too much for Queen Beryl. Dr Strange wins.

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Queen Beryl vs Bass

Queen Beryl is a dark being of power who was a big threat to the Moon. Of course Bass is more than a couple leagues above her and could end her with one attack. She doesn’t have the skills to defeat Bass. Bass gets another win and shows why he’s the best. Bass wins.