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Sauron (LOTR) vs Loki

Suggested by Sonic Sauron is said to be incredibly powerful, but we’ve all seen him go down to a single swing in the LOTR films. I don’t really see how he can do much against Loki. Loki has impressive magical abilities ranging from teleportation to energy blasts. He can do a great many things with his sorcery and as a result I don’t think Sauron would be able to keep up for very long. He would quickly have to learn to accept his defeat. Loki wins.

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Sauron (LOTR) vs Master Chief

Suggested by iKnowledge Sauron got a lot of hype in the Lord of the Rings but never really managed to live up to it. He was defeated by a single stab after all which I’ve never let his fans forget. Master Chief may not use swords much but he has a large array of high tech guns. A single blast from half of those could finish Sauron off. Alternately, Master Chief could just mess him up in hand to hand combat. Sauron is far too slow to stop this either way. Master Chief wins.

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Yugi vs Sauron (LOTR)

Suggested by IKnowledge Yugi is a very skilled duelist. While he may have started out in TYami Yugi’s shadow, he eventually mastered the art of dueling as well. He has access to the three Egyptian God Cards and a lot of other monsters are at his disposal as well. Considering that Sauron had trouble with a single warrior, I don’t believe he could stand up to Yugi’s onslaught. That’s not even taking the spell and trap cards into consideration. Sauron is certainly not fast enough to dodge either so he has no choice but to lose! Yugi wins.

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Alucard (Hellsing) vs Sauron (LOTR)

Sauron is a mysterious being whose legends continue to grow as his reputation precedes him. That being said, Alucard is used to duking it out against his opponents even if his victory is always assured. Sauron won’t be scaring him and Alucard has the decisive edge in speed. A few good hits will be sure to take Sauron out of the fight and that will make things much easier for the vampire hunter. Alucard (Hellsing) wins.

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Sauron (LOTR) vs Bass

Sauron (LOTR) is back, but now he’s up against Bass! Beating Bass is basically impossible so I think it’s safe to say that Sauron (LOTR) is basically doomed. Bass can defeat any being in all of media and that’s because he’s unbeatable. Maybe Sauron (LOTR) will be back someday. Bass wins.