Crazy Hand vs Moltres

Suggested by Sonic The Crazy Hand has a lot of attack options at his disposal and has taken on many different fighters over the years. That said, he still isn’t quite ready to deal with someone like Moltres. Moltres has enough speed to dodge his attacks and flames that are certainly hot enough to leave a true dent here. Crazy Hand won’t be getting off with just a burn. Moltres wins.

Crazy Hand vs Peewee Piranha

Suggested by Sonic Peewee Piranha is one of those opponents you don’t want to mess with. He’s huge and can crush most opponents by rolling on them. That won’t scare the Crazy Hand though. This fighter has a wide variety of attacks including lasers, rockets, and other such moves. Peewee has no real way to attack from long range and is at a severe disadvantage when attacked from the air. His options are just too limited and at the end of the day that’s why he is going to have to take the loss in this round. Crazy Hand wins.

Sauron (LOTR) vs Crazy Hand

Suggested by Sonic This is a pretty close match. The Crazy Hand has the same abilities as the Master Hand and is a lot more unpredictable. He can fire off missiles, lasers, and a bunch of other moves. The real question here is whether or not Sauron is fast enough to take this guy down. Sauron does have a good amount of strength and sword techniques so if he lands a few blows then this will be over. I never had a really high opinion of Sauron’s power before but he looked very good in one of the games which boosted him up. I believe his speed will be enough here. Sauron (LOTR) wins.

Crazy Hand vs Leonardo

Leonardo is a tough fighter, but he is more than a little outmatched by the Crazy Hand. Crazy Hand has a flurry of projectiles on his side like his power balls and missiles. Leonardo can’t cut those in half with his sword or if he does, Leonardo will not escape unscathed. The Crazy Hand has not been around for a while so it is good to see him make a comeback. Crazy Hand wins.

Update 9/28/2019 Leonardo has his Saint Turtle form which is strong enough to turn the tides. This cosmic power can’t be beat. Leonardo wins.

Master Hand vs Crazy Hand

The Master Hand is one of the most popular Super Smash characters around, but in this match I’m afraid that he can’t win. Crazy Hand can match him move for move and then some. He adds the powers of the elements to his attacks, adding some extra damage and giving him the edge that he needed to win. Crazy Hand wins.

Glover vs Crazy Hand

The Crazy Hand has a lot of attacks at his disposal. He’s no ordinary hand! Glover may be able to go with the flow and make the tough choices, but I don’t think that he will be able to take down someone as powerful as Crazy Hand. Glover loses his debut match. Crazy Hand wins.

Captain Falcon vs Crazy Hand

Captain Falcon is an S class racer and has taken down characters who are tougher than Crazy Hand. Crazy Hand is strong, but in the end he lacks the skills that Captain Falcon has. Captain Falcon has his fire powers and his hand to hand skills are impressive. There are few that he can’t beat. Captain Falcon wins.

Megumi Sokabe vs Crazy Hand

Megumi Sokabe doesn’t have enough powers to stop Crazy Hand. Crazy Hand could defeat her with one well placed rocket. Megumi Sokabe drops to 0-1, but she may be back someday. Just don’t count on it. Crazy Hand finally gets himself a win and jumps over 100 characters. Crazy Hand wins.