Peewee Piranha vs Dino Piranha

Suggested by Destroyer Peewee Piranha is a pretty powerful Mario villain and one who will likely continue to get stronger as he grows older. That said, I don’t see him being able to do a whole lot against someone like Dino Piranha. Dino Piranha is just on a completely different level. Both of them are strong but Dino can also shoot fireballs thanks to his appearance in the Mario & Sonic Olympic games. Peewee just doesn’t have a chance here. Dino Piranha wins.

Blizzardman vs Peewee Piranha

Suggested by Sonic Peewee Piranha is a pretty big guy who certainly packs a whallop with each strike. Mario couldn’t afford to go easy on this guy but at the end of the day he still did beat him without an issue. That’s pretty much how this would go for Blizzardman as well. He attacks quickly and with a lot of power. His snowballs would quickly just run all over Peewee and the villain just doesn’t have a way to counter that. Blizzardman wins.

Crazy Hand vs Peewee Piranha

Suggested by Sonic Peewee Piranha is one of those opponents you don’t want to mess with. He’s huge and can crush most opponents by rolling on them. That won’t scare the Crazy Hand though. This fighter has a wide variety of attacks including lasers, rockets, and other such moves. Peewee has no real way to attack from long range and is at a severe disadvantage when attacked from the air. His options are just too limited and at the end of the day that’s why he is going to have to take the loss in this round. Crazy Hand wins.

Peewee Piranha vs Duck Hunt Dog

Suggested by Sonic I like Duck Hunt Dong as a character well enough I suppose, but I don’t think he will be doing a whole lot here. Peewee Piranha has a lot more raw strength at his disposal and can crush this guy by jumping on him. Peewee is surprisingly fast as well so it’ll be tough for the dog to dodge for very long. Any steps he takes to evade will only delay the inevitable as his attacks don’t have enough oomph behind them to deal any real damage. DHD is out of his league here. Peewee Piranha wins.

Peewee Piranha vs Villager

Suggested by Destroyer Peewee Piranha is an underrated Mario villain who has a great design and packs a punch. The Villager is a great handyman who is loaded with various weapons to help him out, but he just doesn’t have enough good ones to win this fight. His bowling ball will be swatted away and Peewee will be able to land the fishing blow with ease. Peewee Piranha wins.

Peewee Piranha vs The BioLizard

Suggested by Destroyer Peewee Piranha has a good design and is definitely not a villain that you want to mess with. Still, his size is negated by The BioLizard and he has no ranged attacks that would do any real damage. The BioLizard can just keep on shooting energy blasts and Peewee will never even get close. The BioLizard wins.

Space Godzilla vs Peewee Piranha

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Space Godzilla is back and now he’s up against good ole Peewee Piranha! Peewee Piranha is pretty powerful, but he lacks the firepower that Space Godzilla has at his disposal. Space Godzilla takes another win and this could be the start of a longrunning streak! Space Godzilla wins.

Peewee Piranha vs Mario

Peewee Piranha is back and this time he’s fighting his old enemy Mario. Mario is a pretty good fighter and has proved this many times in the past. With one punch you can expect major pwnage. His speed is pretty good as well thanks to some power ups he’s attained through the years. Mario wins.

Peewee Piranha vs Tingle

Peewee Piranha is a Mario villain of immense power. With his skills and lightning fast reflexes he’s hard to stop. Tingle may have his balloons, but they can’t save him in this battle. Peewee Piranha would just gobble him up and the battle would end. Tingle takes a hard loss in this battle. Peewee Piranha wins.

Lazerman vs Peewee Piranha

Well Lazerman is one of those fighters who keeps coming back for more despite whatever happens to him in the ring of fire. Luckily for him Peewee Piranha just isn’t strong enough to take him down. Lazerman takes home another win and shows why he’s Lazerman. Lazerman wins.