King Ghidorah vs Tingle

King Ghidorah has been doing pretty well on the blog lately. Tingle looks to change that, but it could be a losing battle for the little guy. Tingle’s magical abilities have yet to be pushed to their limits, but we haven’t been very impressed with his current showings. King Ghidorah’s triple energy blast attack should knock the fight out of Tingle. King Ghidorah wins.

Peewee Piranha vs Tingle

Peewee Piranha is a Mario villain of immense power. With his skills and lightning fast reflexes he’s hard to stop. Tingle may have his balloons, but they can’t save him in this battle. Peewee Piranha would just gobble him up and the battle would end. Tingle takes a hard loss in this battle. Peewee Piranha wins.