Natsu vs Naruto

Suggested by Destroyer Natsu and Naruto are both extremely powerful fighters but only one can win. While Natsu continues to get stronger at a rapid pace while Naruto hasn’t moved in a while, Naruto did gain his Baryon Mode which should be more than a match for Natsu’s Dragon King form. Naruto has the edge in speed and strength plus he doesn’t use fire abilities so there’s no chance of powering up Natsu by mistake. Naruto wins.

Isshiki Otsutsuki vs Naruto

Suggested by Anonymous Isshiki Otsutsuki is a powerful foe and one of the strongest in all of Naruto without a doubt. That said, he definitely isn’t ready to deal with someone on this level. Naruto has his various super modes such as S06 and Baryon which will make quick work out of Isshiki. At this point in time it’s hard to see anyone defeating Naruto at his peak. The guy is just too crazy strong! Even Isshiki finally takes a loss here. Naruto wins.

Naruto vs Hanami

Hanami is skilled with nature and mixing up close quarter moves with long range options to stop attackers. That said, it will not be nearly enough to stop Naruto. With his Sage Mode he is also very attuned to nature and will be able to dodge Hanami’s attacks and counter appropriately. His peak speed and strength will just be too much for Hanami. Naruto wins.

Naruto vs Loki

Suggested by iKnowledge Loki has a lot of powerful spells at his disposal which could slow Naruto down somewhat. The illusion magics won’t work too well though since Naruto can see through such tricks with his chakra. He also has the massive physical advantage against Loki here. A single Rasengan would likely put the god out of the picture so he really can’t afford to be hit here. Naruto has chakra to spare so he can keep throwing out attacks until one lands. Naruto wins.

Mio Takamiya vs Naruto

Suggested by Anonymous Mio Takamiya has some surprisingly powerful abilities at her disposal. She can fire off energy blasts that are difficult to evade due to their speed. That being said, her physical abilities aren’t quite up to snuff here. Naruto will be able to block her attacks with his chakra cloak and at that point she is out of luck. Naruto’s got a lot of experience in combat as well so he’ll be prepared for anything she throws at him. Naruto wins.

Sonic vs Naruto

Suggested by Destroyer Sonic is extremely fast which makes all matches with him rather difficult. While he doesn’t have the raw power that a typical Shonen Jump lead has, he can still match them thanks to his speed. Well, Naruto’s also very fast and should be able to react to Sonic’s attacks. Throw in the fact that he hits a lot harder and I think you can make a legitimate argument for him winning this round. Naruto will be able to eventually overwhelm Sonic, but it’ll be a tough fight. Naruto wins.

Naruto vs Vent

Suggested by Destroyer Vent has a lot of mega Man style abilities up his sleeve which is why he is such a dangerous foe. They have a lot of potential when used together and it’s hard to say just how strong Vent is as a result. Still, Naruto was able to survive a shot that ripped through the Moon so I don’t think Vent has anything up his sleeve that will be putting him down for the count. Naruto can also dish it out as well just as well. Naruto wins.

Giorno Giovanna vs Naruto

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Suggested by Random Giorno Giovanna has returned, but this match will be a little too much for him. His Gold Stand gives him a good amount of speed and power and this is amped up even further with Requiem. However, he still can’t match Naruto physically. His other ability is that he can reduce Naruto’s motivation and also cancel out attacks for a time, but he won’t be able to keep it up long enough to stop Naruto. Giorno just won’t be able to get around the fact that he isn’t fast enough to stop this Shinobi. Once Naruto starts landing hits it will all be over. Naruto wins.

Naruto vs Toppo

Suggested by Random Naruto is a very powerful fighter who could give some DBZ characters a run for their money once he reached his peak. However, taking on one of the strongest Dragon Ball Super characters is another matter entirely. I think it’s safe to say that Toppo is in another level and even Naruto’s planetary Rasengan may not do much more than scratch him. That’s also assuming that it hits Toppo in the first place. Toppo wins.

Naruto vs Jiren

Suggested by Random Naruto is a very powerful Shinobi. He went from a kid who couldn’t even break a large rock to having planetary level capabilities. That makes him a big threat to the average fighter but he still isn’t in the same conversation as Jiren. Jiren was able to give Goku a good run for his money and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that this is no small feat. Jiren has Naruto convincingly best in both speed and power and also has enough durability to take very little damage from Naruto’s attacks. I can’t see a scenario where Naruto can win this round. Jiren wins.