Naruto vs Loki

Suggested by iKnowledge Loki has a lot of powerful spells at his disposal which could slow Naruto down somewhat. The illusion magics won’t work too well though since Naruto can see through such tricks with his chakra. He also has the massive physical advantage against Loki here. A single Rasengan would likely put the god out of the picture so he really can’t afford to be hit here. Naruto has chakra to spare so he can keep throwing out attacks until one lands. Naruto wins.

2 thoughts on “Naruto vs Loki

  1. Laufeyson still has a chance. He gives trouble to most of Marvel’s teams that fight him. His strength is nothing to sneeze at:,_the_God_of_Mischief_(Marvel_Comics). I’m not one to deny all his power and strength, but on one of the cartoons, He became Sorcerer Supreme. It will probably be a hard fight for Uzumaki.

    • That’s true, Loki’s definitely had some great feats over the years. I definitely think he could get some good shots in, but it would be difficult to keep up with Naruto’s speed. In terms of speed and destructive power Naruto is also able to keep up with all of the heavy hitters. I believe Loki will be playing catch up here

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