Naruto vs Lightning

Suggested by Destroyer Naruto is one of the Big 3, a group of universes so powerful that they shook the world. While Lightning had a whole trilogy to accumulate power and continue to gain new feats, she never quite caught up to Naruto. At the end of the day his super forms put him on a higher level so he can keep up with her speed and destroy all of her summons. She could potentially make this a decent fight if she can land an opening strike while manipulating time, but ultimately Naruto’s taking this one. Naruto wins.

Gao Mikado vs Lightning

Suggested by Sonic Gao Mikado has a ton of cards and he’s had good fights with many challengers over the years. He has no individual card that can defeat Lightning so the question is whether he can win with sheer numbers. I can see him making this a close fight but ultimately Lightning should win. She has shown the stamina needed to fight armies in the past and does have a variety of summons at the ready as well which will aid her in combat. Ultimately Gao will be on the back foot here. Lightning wins.

Terra Branford vs Lightning

Terra Branford is one of the stronger Final Fantasy characters. The fact that she has mastered all of the elements and a considerable amount of summons is worth mentioning. She also was able to go up against Sephiroth even if she didn’t win. I would not place her above Lightning though. The speed difference here is pretty critical. Lightning can also match all of Terra’s offensive moves and then some. Her manipulation over time is an added bonus. I see this as being a pretty intense fight but one that Lightning would ultimately win.

Shanoa vs Lightning

Suggested by iKnowledge Lightning is a very fast fighter who has grown vastly more powerful after fighting from Valhalla for many years. With her Odin summon at the ready it’s hard to picture her having a tough time here. Shanoa is strong, but her attacks are far smaller in scope while Lightning is used to battling huge enemies with ease. Lightning has the speed advantage here and also possesses the stronger weapons which leads to a quick victory. Lightning wins.

Buu vs Lightning

It’s time for the first semi’s match. Both of these fighters made it pretty far but only one can reach the championship. Lightning’s got a plethora of great attack options up her sleeve, but they won’t do much against Buu. He can regenerate from just about anything and his attack power is basically off the charts as well. You just can’t do much to slow this guy down at all. I’m afraid Lightning is pretty much out of her depth here as even she can’t survive a whole galaxy being blown up. Buu wins.

Lightning vs Kimimaro

Bones probably don’t conduct electricity all that much so that should help Lightning. I can’t say that I know much about bones though. Kimimaro is very fast in his awakened form and he might surpass Lightning there. What will help her fight back is Lightning’s array of spells and elemental attacks. Kimimaro can’t carelessly rush her or he’ll get hit and staying from afar will be dangerous as well. Odin might be a little less useful here than usual since he’ll have a tough time landing attacks but every bit helps. I think Kimimaro just doesn’t have enough attack options here and Lightning certainly has more combat experience. Lightning wins.

Lightning vs Kanda

It’s time for a battle of electric sword fighters. Kanda has some nice regenerative abilities on his end which complement his aggressive fighting style. Lightning’s no stranger to aggressive fighting either and has the speed to keep up with Kanda. I’d even say that she may be a little faster. While Kanda’s maximum power output may keep his strength a little above hers, Lightning’s omega weapon can help her block his attacks and her Odin summon should give her the edge. It’s a close match, but Lightning has triumphed once more. Lightning wins.

Lightning vs Gigan

This is almost a tragic match as Gigan did something no other Kaiju has ever done. He made it all the way to the top 10% of the blog’s fighting force. He’s a very powerful Kaiju, but at the same time he can’t hope to defeat Lightning. Lightning has defeated her share of gods and monsters and even has one as a personal summon in the form of Odin. Odin can take on Gigan in a pretty good fight and even without him Lightning essentially became a god (Or a messenger of the gods) by the end of the series with power that was increased for this task. Gigan will have a hard time hitting her and Lightning’s durability is enough to keep her fighting until she gets the victory. Lightning wins.

Lightning vs Ash


Suggested by Sonic Lightning is one of the strongest Final Fantasy protagonists, probably only Cloud can really match her. While Ash sometimes coasts by because of his massive advantage in numbers, that won’t work quite as well against Lightning and her Odin. Odin would do a good job of handling many of Ash’s Pokémon while Lightning goes after the heavy hitters. I don’t think Ash is quite prepared to defeat an enemy like this. Lightning wins.

Cloud vs Lightning

This is a pretty close battle. Cloud was known as possibly the strongest Final Fantasy hero for years. He still is one of the strongest, but he’s finally been surpassed by Lightning. It’s close, but I think Lightning’s summons and magic give her a slight advantage over Cloud. Lightning wins.