Tyson vs Ash

Tyson and Ash are both pretty intense main characters who are always ready to take things to the next level. Ash may not win tournaments very often but at least he is always in the running which is the important part. He doesn’t go down very easily and his Pikachu always brings his A game. Tyson’s mastered the game of Beyblade but his beast just won’t be able to handle Ash’s Pikachu. The difference in their respective abilities is really going to cost him here. Then you have to account for the fact that Ash has tons and tons of Pokemon at his disposal. Ash wins.

Ash vs Vent

Suggested by Anonymous This is a pretty tough one. Vent does have a lot of abilities up his sleeve to be sure, but I don’t think they are at a high enough level for him to stop all of Ash’s Pokémon. Pikachu and Sceptile in particular will be tough to deal with due to their speed. This is one case where Ash’s sheer numbers will be what carries him to victory. Vent’s various form shifts just won’t be able to keep up and he doesn’t have the stamina to stay in the game long enough. Ash wins.

Ash vs Hestia

Suggested by iKnowledge Hestia is a mermaid and a pretty tough one at that. Her health bar is fairly high compared to most of the fighters in her verse. That being said, Ash has quite a few Pokemon with the type advantage over her. Even just his Pikachu should be enough to claim the victory in this round. Pikachu is exceptionally fast and strong, there are few things that can stop him once he’s on a roll. Ash wins.

Kenshin vs Ash

Suggested by Destroyer Ash has caught many different Pokemon over the years. He has so many at this point that he could hold his own against some duelists when it comes to sheer numbers. Several of his Pokemon could probably take down Kenshin one on one so throwing them all in there is overkill. Kenshin will put up an admirable defense, but you simply can’t guard against that many opponents. Ash wins.

Lightning vs Ash


Suggested by Sonic Lightning is one of the strongest Final Fantasy protagonists, probably only Cloud can really match her. While Ash sometimes coasts by because of his massive advantage in numbers, that won’t work quite as well against Lightning and her Odin. Odin would do a good job of handling many of Ash’s Pokémon while Lightning goes after the heavy hitters. I don’t think Ash is quite prepared to defeat an enemy like this. Lightning wins.

Aizen vs Ash

Suggested by Sonic Aizen is known as one of the strongest Bleach characters and for good reason. He has illusions which can trick any character and then he also has enough physical skill to come to blows with multiple captains at once. In his evolved form he transcends any Pokémon final form and that spells the end for Ash. Aizen wins.

Ash vs Metal Sonic

Suggested by Sonic Ash is back once again but this time he is up against a speedster who is even faster than his Pikachu. Metal Sonic has been shown to be even faster than Sonic in the past and has gotten many power ups. Only a handful of Ash’s Pokémon will be able to do anything in this matchup and they simply won’t be enough. Metal Sonic wins.

Ash vs Zeke

Suggested by Sonic Ash is a kid from Pallet Town and he has a brand new world to see. He doesn’t know anything about Draglade battles but he won’t need to with Pikachu at the ready. Zeke is fast and strong with a flurry of close quarter combat moves to back him up but he won’t quite be able to win this. Pikachu is too fast and Ash has many other Pokémon to back him up as well. Ash wins.

Ferid vs Ash

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Ferid is a very quick fighter as I’ve mentioned in the past, but we haven’t seen him fight all that much. At the moment we’ve only seen a glimpse of his abilities. They appear to be impressive, but they aren’t enough to cut the mustard in this battle. While he could likely handle most of Ash’s Pokemon without a problem, a few of them will be troublesome like Pikachu, Greninja, and Charizard. Ferid’s outnumbered here and while his regeneration is pretty good, their combined attacks will be able to finish him off. Ash has simply grown too powerful. Ash wins.

Max Taylor vs Ash

Suggested by Sonic Max Taylor is a kid who has always studied dinosaurs and tries his best to have fun along the way. He has a lot of thunder type cards at his disposal which have helped him in the past. That being said, I don’t think it will do much against Ash since Pikachu can endure electric style attacks all day. Pikachu also has the massive speed advantage here so he won’t be getting hit anytime soon. This may be Max’s debut fight, but it’s not going to be one that he will want to remember. Ash wins.