Tyson vs Hiro

Hiro is a good coach and he always pushes Tyson to be better and better. That being said, I don’t think his Beyblade skills have managed to stick with Tyson. Hiro just barely defeated Ray and that was before Ray did some further training. Tyson has continued to improve at a rapid pace as well so I would say that he has this match in the bag. Tyson wins.

Crusher (Beyblade) vs Tyson

Crusher (Beyblade) may be a pretty big guy who could probably beat Tyson in a hand to hand fight but he’s not going to win in a battle of Beyblades. Tyson has way more technique and speed at his disposal as well as a more powerful Beyblade at this point. While Crusher could probably give him a decent fight, the victor would be clear. Tyson wins.

Tyson vs Ash

Tyson and Ash are both pretty intense main characters who are always ready to take things to the next level. Ash may not win tournaments very often but at least he is always in the running which is the important part. He doesn’t go down very easily and his Pikachu always brings his A game. Tyson’s mastered the game of Beyblade but his beast just won’t be able to handle Ash’s Pikachu. The difference in their respective abilities is really going to cost him here. Then you have to account for the fact that Ash has tons and tons of Pokemon at his disposal. Ash wins.

Freddy Krueger vs Tyson

This is a tribute to the second Nightmare on Elm Street film. This time Freddy was able to wreck some people in the human world as well but at the end of the day he couldn’t keep his resolve against one person. Tyson meanwhile has had to deal with up to 5 opponents at once and kept on going. You can’t even compare their respective abilities and Tyson will always come out on top. It’s why he is known as the world’s greatest Beyblader. His bit beast even transformed into a Super version so Freddy would go down in a quick hit. Tyson wins.