Phoenix Ikki vs Roark

Roark has some serious rock Pokemon at his disposal which fight really well for him as a team. He was definitely one of the sturdier Gym leaders even if the guy never really stood out much on his own. He still did enough to prove his power. Still, that doesn’t mean he can handle a knight of Athena. Ikki is in a completely different level when it comes to combat and probably could end this in a single move. There’s no way any of Roark’s Pokemon would be able to keep up. Phoenix Ikki wins.

Roark vs Ryoma

Roark has some pretty sturdy Pokemon at his disposal. The problem for him is that Ryoma can serve at incredibly high speeds so sheer numbers aren’t enough to scare him. Ryoma is perfectly prepared to deal with as many shots as he needs too deal with in order to win. Roark’s best plan is to try to separate Ryoma from his racket since the kid will be powerless without it, but that’s much easier said than done. I don’t see such a plan working to be honest. Ryoma wins.

Update 8 7 2020 Roark is just too fast for Ryoma. Roark wins.

Slash Beast vs Roark

Suggested by Anonymous Roark has a good array of powerful Pokemon at his disposal including Rampharos, Onyx, and Tyranitar. While he may not have more Pokemon at his disposal than some other trainers, pretty much all of them are power hitters. Slash Beast has a lot of power in his own right, but it’s just not going to be enough to stop Roark. The sheer numbers would quickly overwhelm Slash Beast and his abilities aren’t the most impressive anyway. Slash mostly relies on close quarters combat and that’s not a good idea when you’re up against an army. If your speed is good enough then you can get around this, but it’s really not going to best Roark. Roark wins.