Roark vs Lavi

Suggested by Sonic Lavi has a hammer that can grow to a very large size with incredible speed. He can use elemental attacks within the hammer as well which is definitely a useful ability to have. That being said, he isn’t ready to take on Roark’s onslaught of Pokemon. There are just too many of them and they will quickly break through Lavi’s defenses and take him out. As powerful as the guy is, he just isn’t ready for this. Roark wins.

Caramon Majere vs Lavi

Caramon Majere has some good sword skills, but they won’t be enough to stop Lavi’s hammer. While Lavi may not be quite as strong as the actual exorcists, he’s always been a good supporting fighter. That’s still good enough to take out most swordsmen and Caramon doesn’t have any special abilities that would tip the scales here. Lavi has an array of elemental skills as well as super strength to back him up here. As a result, it’s just hard to see Lavii having to try all that hard here. Lavi wins.

Allen vs Lavi

Allen is a pretty powerful fighter and with his sword he can take down Lavi. Lavi knows some hand to hand skills, but Allen is a lot quicker. Plus his sword just needs a good slash to take Lavi down. Lavi may have lost this fight, but at least he’s safe on the blog. Allen rises up the ranks with this win. Allen wins.

Lavi vs Shikamaru

Both of these fighters are facing their first battle! Shikamaru is definitely the smarter fighter of the group, but he’s a lot less of a fighter. Lavi showed some intense fighting abilities when he fought Allen. I think he could outfight Shikamaru and stop him from thinking a plan to win. Lavi wins.