Caramon Majere vs Lavi

Caramon Majere has some good sword skills, but they won’t be enough to stop Lavi’s hammer. While Lavi may not be quite as strong as the actual exorcists, he’s always been a good supporting fighter. That’s still good enough to take out most swordsmen and Caramon doesn’t have any special abilities that would tip the scales here. Lavi has an array of elemental skills as well as super strength to back him up here. As a result, it’s just hard to see Lavii having to try all that hard here. Lavi wins.

Caramon Majere vs Beowulf

Suggested by iKnowledge Both of these guys are pretty tough fighters. They can wield a blade exceptionally well and have some super strength as well. When you mix those two attributes together then you’ve got a very dangerous fighter. I think I’d go with Caramon Majere having the edge here though. Beowulf has taken down a dragon and a monster in the past, but overall I think he’d be more likely to get hit by one of Caramon’s strikes. That would very quickly end the battle. Caramon Majere wins.