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Cloud vs Allen

Suggested by Destroyer Allen is a very powerful fighter and his speed is fairly good as well. That being said, I don’t see him being able to keep up with Cloud. Cloud was able to handle multiple opponents at once and barely even broke a sweat. His skills are just on a different level compared to most others. This will be a closer fight than I would have thought a few years ago, but the outcome has not changed. Perhaps if D Grayman can continue its run for a little longer, Allen will get a power up that changes things. Until then, he has no real chance. Cloud wins.

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Allen vs Marine

Marine is an optimistic Sonic figure who is always ready for a fight, but her bark is typically worse than her bite. Allen is an experienced swordsman and he has a lot of supernatural abilities to back up his swordplay. A good energy attack from his sword should finish this and he also has a decent chance of coming out on top in a hand to hand combat round. Allen wins.

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Shou Tucker vs Allen

Allen Walker is a pretty tough character even though I can’t say that I’m a really big fan. He could definitely take down Shou Tucker and one good slash is all that he will need. Shou Tucker isn’t very quick on his feet and his durability is laughable at best. I fear that this may not be his final loss of the day! Allen wins.

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Meta Knight vs Allen

Meta Knight has his sword abilities and speed, but in the end it won’t be enough to take down Allen. Allen’s sword skills are even better (Plus he has the superior sword) and his speed is also superior. Allen’s got the edge on Meta Knight in pretty much all categories, granting him the win. Allen wins.

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Trunks vs Allen

Allen Walker is a strong exorcist who wields a sword, but in the end that’s not nearly enough to take down Trunks. Trunks is a super saiyan who could defeat nearly anyone. He has made it to SSJ3 level. A level that surpasses most beings in power and speed. Allen lacks the skills he needs to defeat him. Trunks wins.