Dante vs Falcon

Suggested by Anonymous Falcon is a pretty solid superhero who may have started out more as a sidekick, but eventually he managed to become a full fledged hero. He has some fairly good robotic suits and is a natural fighter. These skills and tech won’t be enough to stop Dante though. His regenerative abilities simply put him in a completely different level and that’s bad news for the Falcon. There’s just no way to bring this guy down. Dante wins.


Ironman vs Falcon

The Falcon has always wanted to be the next genius on the Avengers, but he’ll never be able to get that title as long as Ironman is around. Ironman was their first thinker and he’ll be the last one as well. Falcon’s level of intellect is impressive…but it’s simply not on the same level. His armor is also primitive compared to Ironman’s. Ironman wins.

Hawkman vs Falcon

Hawkman and Falcon are both pretty tough aerial combatants. I’d say that Hawkman has the edge with his weapons and armor. His Nth metal allows him to heal wounds and he also has some to equipment to heavily amp up his strength. I don’t think Falcon can overcome all of that. Hawkman wins.