Nagisa Kaworu vs Ironman

Suggested by iKnowledge Nagisa Kaworu has now entered the fray. He’s got a pretty tough mech unit at the ready and shouldn’t be underestimated here. At the same time, he does make for an easy target and Ironman is no stranger to using robotic suits. His speed will be enough to land solid blows on Nagisa throughout. Nagisa may have the edge in terms of offensive firepower, but it won’t be enough here. Ironman wins.

Ironman vs Link

Suggested by Nerd With Too Much Lord of the Rings Knowlage The Hero of Hyrule has returned once more. Ironman’s one of the stronger Marvel heroes thanks in part to getting a solid anime treatment which boosted his speed. Link had similar boosts thanks to Hyrule Warriors and the Twilight Princess manga. Ultimately Link has more skill in close quarters combat but Ironman can strike from afar which may be able to overpower the mirror shield. Ultimately Link should be able to force Ironman to land and secure the victory with his Light arrows. Link wins.

Asuka Langley Soryu vs Ironman

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for Asuka to make her debut on the blog. She’s got a pretty strong Evangelion on her side and in general is known as a strong combatant. It won’t be easy for Ironman to defeat her, but I do think that he has the skills to pull it off. His suit can match hers in both power and speed as well as surpass it. Ironman’s had dozens of suits in the past and his strongest ones are pretty incredible. The attacks will add up and Asuka will end up taking the L. Ironman wins.

Yami Yugi vs Ironman

Suggested by Anonymous Ironman has a lot of pretty cool armors at his disposal. He’s turned into one of Marvel’s strongest heroes over the years because he just seems to keep getting stronger and stronger. Still, Tony’s not ready to deal with Yami Yugi’s army of monsters. There are just too many of them for one guy to deal with and that’s not even counting the spell and trap cards at the ready. I think this will ultimately just be too much for Ironman to deal with. Yami Yugi wins.

Ironman vs Demolisher

The Demolisher was one of the first enemies Ironman ever faced. His power was matched only by his ruthless nature. Still, Ironman has long since surpassed this guy. His current armors are faster and stronger than the Demolisher. The Demolisher would have a hard time landing any hits in and even if Ironman slowed down to allow for a fist fight the Demolisher would get…demolished. Ironman wins.

Ironman vs Termite (Marvel)

The Termite is one of those villains where you can’t help but laugh after seeing him. The guy doesn’t look or sound like a threat so why take him seriously? He can dissolve things, but he won’t be able to get anywhere near Ironman so it won’t matter. A quick Unibeam should take the guy down for the count. It was nice knowing the Termite, but it’s game over for this guy. Ironman wins.

Titanium Man vs Ironman

The Titanium Man is a powerful Ironman opponent. Even some of Tony’s modern armors would have trouble with this guy since the villain lives up to his name. Damaging him is incredibly tough and the guy is also fairly fast. Still, once Ironman dips into his most powerful armors this becomes a walk in the park for him. The Titanium Man simply would stop being able to compete in the power department and ultimately that was his main advantage here. Ironman wins.

Gargantus vs Ironman

Gargantus is certainly a strong robot. His physical power is on a whole different level and even Ironman’s energy blasts had a hard time hurting him. At least, that was the case for his old armor. With one of the many modern ones at his disposal Tony will have no trouble taking Gargantus down for the count. The beast is far too slow to do anything about it so Ironman will win without a scratch. Ironman wins.

Vibro vs Ironman

Vibro can really shake things up which is why the guy is always a threat in a fight. That being said, I don’t think he will be doing very well against someone like Ironman. Ironman’s armor will make him fairly immune to a little shaking. Moreover, his energy blasts will be keeping Vibro far too busy to properly focus. As Vibro is completely outmatched in all aspects of this fight, I don’t see him lasting very long. Ironman wins.

Dreadknight vs Ironman

This is a tribute to Avengers Infinity War. Dreadknight is definitely not a villain that ever got really popular but he is reasonably tough. He rides a swift steed and his skill with a lance is unparalleled. This combination means that he can always force his opponent into a close quarters fight. That being said, Ironman certainly wouldn’t mind one as his current armors give him superior speed to Dreadknight and he has the ability to morph parts of his armor into whatever weapons he needs. Ironman wins.