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Flip vs Ironman

This is a tribute to Age of Ultron. Flip seems like a decent guy, but he is a man of few words and he has never been a very impressive fighter. Having the ability to flip things around is cool, but it is useless against someone who can fly. If a simple fall can injure Flip, I don’t see how he can hope to endure a Unibeam. This match is over. Ironman wins.

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Ironman vs Falcon

The Falcon has always wanted to be the next genius on the Avengers, but he’ll never be able to get that title as long as Ironman is around. Ironman was their first thinker and he’ll be the last one as well. Falcon’s level of intellect is impressive…but it’s simply not on the same level. His armor is also primitive compared to Ironman’s. Ironman wins.

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Ironman vs Chika Tanaka

Chika Tanaka was one of the major players in the Iron Man anime, but I’m sure that we all knew that her story had to come to an end at some point. Nothing from the anime could really stick since it was more of a side story. (Exceptions can be made of course, but I assumed that most of the original characters would be written out of the picture) Chika Tanaka is a pretty skilled adversary and her speed/power levels are not that bad. That being said, Ironman still has the edge thanks to his impressive array of armors. Ironman wins.

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Nanami Ota vs Ironman

This image may not be very flattering for the animators of the Iron Man anime, but now Nanami Ota can join the blog! She’s a pretty cheerful reporter, but she’s not really much of a fighter. She would not be able to keep up with the legendary Ironman and she would eventually have to accept the loss. Ironman’s too skilled. Ironman wins.

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Rocket Raccoon vs Ironman

Rocket is definitely one of the fan favorite characters from Marvel and he is a solid fighter with a blaster. The thing is….this wont be enough to stop the armored Avenger. Ironman just needs to fire one Unibeam and it is lights out for Rocket. Rocket is charismatic, but he’s technically not one of the stronger Marvel fighters. Ironman wins.

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Silk (Marvel) vs Ironman

Silk (Marvel) doesn’t realsly stand a chance this time. She’s a fairly new comic book character, but we may have already seen the limits to her abilities. She has some decent super strength and speed, but Ironman easily surpasses her in both of these areas. Silk (Marvel) will have to take a loss and drop down the rankings in her first match to the blog. Maybe she’ll have better luck next time. Ironman wins.

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Ironman vs Leader

The Leader may be pretty smart, but he’s definitely not a match for Ironman. Ironman’s in a different league as far as superheroes go and his armors definitely have what it takes to win. Ironman’s pretty good at hand to hand combat when he has to be and he also possesses the speed advantage. I don’t see him losing this one. Ironman wins.

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Star Lord vs Ironman

Ironman is essentially the leader of the Avengers at this point and Star Lord commands the Guardians in the films. Both of these guys are natural born leaders, but Ironman’s tech is far superior to Star Lord’s. Star Lord has a cool gun, but repulsor blasts will always be the better choice and Ironman’s suits give him more mobility. Star Lord is outgunned in this round. Ironman wins.

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Nebula vs Ironman

Ironman is one of the original Avengers and he’s obtained dozens of armors through the years. Nebula has some decent super strength and she’s good with a blaster, but that won’t be enough. It’s no stretch to say that Ironman is one of the strongest Marvel heroes out there and one shot from one of his stronger armors would be enough to end the round in an instant. Ironman wins.

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Ironman vs Korath

Korath may be a warrior, but he’s no match for Ironman. Ironman’s armor grants him much greater strength than Korath possesses and his speed is also on a different level. One good Uni Beam would probably take Korath down for the count. Korath is a decent hand to hand fighter, but he would only be able to give Ironman a good fight in one of his earliest armors. Ironman wins.