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Guyver vs Rocket Raccoon

Suggested by Anonymous Time for Rocket Raccoon to try his luck against Guyver. That being said, he doesn’t really have a shot here. His strongest guns may be able to deal some damage of course, but Guyver is too fast to be hit by them. All of Rocket’s best efforts will simply be futile here. Guyver has really been on a roll, but can he really keep it up? His matches are slowly dwindling down so soon it could be all over for him. Guyver wins.

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Rocket Raccoon vs Thor

Rocket Raccoon has a lot of heavy armaments at his disposal which he has used to great success so far. Unfortunately for him even his strongest guns would have a minimal effect on Thor. Thor has withstood the heat of the sun and can break planets with a single swing of his hammer. Rocket can run, but he can’t evade Thor forever and will eventually reach his limit. This is one fight that he can’t win. Thor wins.

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Thanos vs Rocket Raccoon

Thanos is certainly the most iconic Guardians of the Galaxy villain. Despite mainly being known as their opponent lately, he is completely out of their league. I don’t care how much of a genius Rocket is, he simply won’t be able to build something that can destroy Thanos. Thanos has abilities that are completely out of this world. It’s hard to picture him even taking 5 minutes to end this fight as one solid hit will do the trick. Thanos wins.

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Rocket Raccoon vs Hawkeye

This is a fairly close battle. Rocket Raccoon definitely has the better weapons at his disposal, but Hawkeye is a great archer. He has dozens of different arrows and the stronger ones are just as effective as a laser blast. Hawkeye’s a little more acrobatic than Rocket Raccoon and that may prove to be the edge. He also has his Pym Particles at the ready in case he needs to make a quick dodge. Hawkeye wins.

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Groot vs Rocket Raccoon

This match could get a little controversial since I believe that Rocket Raccoon has the makings of a winner in this round. Groot is pretty strong..I won’t deny it. That being said, he is just too slow to hit Rocket Raccoon. Rocket Raccoon has his energy guns and he can just run around Groot for a while. Groot’s healing factor won’t present much of a problem when compared to Rocket’s ammo. Rocket Raccoon wins.

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Rocket Raccoon vs Star Lord

Now, this is a pretty close battle. It’s really a one hit KO for either fighter. Both of them possess guns that would instantly vaporize the other. I’m inclined to go with Star Lord though because his jet packs seem to be superior to Rocket’s. He may lack the Raccoon’s intellect, but he makes up for it with combat intuition. Star Lord can finally be happy since he has obtained a win to add to his record! Star Lord wins.

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Rocket Raccoon vs Gamora

Rocket Raccoon is back once again, but hes going to have to take a tough loss against Gamora. Gamora is a skilled hand to hand fighter and one swing her blade could end this match with a fatality. Rocket Raccoon has his guns, but Gamora is quick enough to dodge their blasts. Rockets defensive capabilities simply aren’t high enough this time. Gamora wins.

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Nova (Sam) vs Rocket Raccoon

Rocket is back and now he is going up against the new Nova. Sam is pretty powerful and he is just beginning to explore the limits to his abilities. One blast from the power cosmic should be enough to take Rocket down. This is a good start for the kid, but can Sam improve on his winning streak or will it come to a halt? Nova (Sam) wins.

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Rocket Raccoon vs Ironman

Rocket is definitely one of the fan favorite characters from Marvel and he is a solid fighter with a blaster. The thing is….this wont be enough to stop the armored Avenger. Ironman just needs to fire one Unibeam and it is lights out for Rocket. Rocket is charismatic, but he’s technically not one of the stronger Marvel fighters. Ironman wins.