Thanos vs Jean Grey

Suggested by Destroyer Now this is a really close battle between two of Marvel’s top heavy hitters. Both of these characters can easily end the planet in an instant. I would say that Thanos has more hax with the Gauntlet while Jean Grey definitely has the better long range options. In a fist fight Thanos is winning this one but he’ll have a hard time keeping up with Jean Grey in the air. So it can go either way but ultimately I trust Thanos more with his tactics and more attack options. Thanos wins.

Beerus vs Thanos

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 Thanos is a pretty powerful villain and he even got the Heart of the Universe a while back. With that item at his disposal the villain gets even more deadly and so he can be difficult to deal with. That being said, he’s still no match for Beerus. Beerus can end the entire planet in an instant and that’s with just a fraction of his abilities. Thanos is strong in his own right as well but he won’t even be able to follow Beerus’ speed. Beerus wins.

Thor vs Thanos

Suggested by Big Red Thanos and Thor are some of the stronger comic book characters out there. Both of them possess powerful combat options in both short and long range. Thanos has many energy blasts thanks to the Infinity Gems while Thor’s got Odin Force and Mjolnir. It’s a fight that could certainly go either way. In base form Thanos typically has a significant advantage over Thor but at peak it’s hard to say how the fight would go. I’d have to give Thanos the slight edge here as having the Infinity Stones helps a lot with regeneration as well as its array of energy blasts. Thor would keep the fight close, but I think his durability would fall off first. Thanos wins.

Kaguya vs Thanos

Suggested by Random Kaguya is a powerful Naruto villain and some may even say that she was the strongest of them all. Her sheer amount of chakra is unheard of and most abilities do not even affect her. Thanos has a lot of good attack options with the gems, but he will find it difficult trying to land a hit on Kaguya while she is dimension hopping. His durability also won’t be enough to endure her invincible spike attacks. This is one match that the Titan cannot win. Kaguya wins.

Thanos vs Rocket Raccoon

Thanos is certainly the most iconic Guardians of the Galaxy villain. Despite mainly being known as their opponent lately, he is completely out of their league. I don’t care how much of a genius Rocket is, he simply won’t be able to build something that can destroy Thanos. Thanos has abilities that are completely out of this world. It’s hard to picture him even taking 5 minutes to end this fight as one solid hit will do the trick. Thanos wins.

Dr Manhattan vs Thanos

Suggested by superduperawesomeguy Dr Manhattan is a being that we can barely even comprehend from Watchmen. His power are nigh unlimited but with the Infinity Gauntlet so is Thanos. Thanos also obtained the Cosmic Cube at one point so mixing both abilities in would increase his abilities even further and in base mode he is already about as strong as the Hulk if not stronger. I don’t think Manhattan would be able to last against such a fighter as Thanos will overwhelm him with an all out offensive. It’s just nearly impossible to stop all of his attacks and eventually some will land. Thanos wins.

Zoom (Zolomon) vs Thanos

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Suggested by Anonymous Zoom has really been put through the gauntlet over the course of these last few battles. We are now seeing just how dangerous he is, but also what Zoom’s limits are. The fight against Thanos is similar to when he fought Darkseid except for one clear difference, Darkseid is much faster than Thanos. Thanos will be able to endure a lot of Zoom’s attacks, but he will eventually be taken down. Unlike some of Zoom’s previous opponents, I don’t think Thanos would be quick enough to land the hits that he would need to secure the win. Even with the Gauntlet as he throws blast after blast at Zoom it just won’t be quick enough to hit him. Zoom (Zolomon) wins.

Judgeman vs Thanos

Suggested by Destroyer Judgeman is one of those EXE navies who didn’t have get a manga boost. That’s unfortunate for him since that could have helped his case quite a bit. As it stands, Thanos has quite the edge in raw power and attack options. He could also out speed Judgeman as well. Judgeman can throw the book at Thanos, but it wouldn’t do much more than annoy him. As his other options will not be all that effective either, this is as far as Judgeman goes. Thanos wins.

Groot vs Thanos

Groot may be a pretty powerful tree, but he’s no match for Thanos. Thanos is physically superior to Groot no matter what the comics may try to imply. Thanos could crush him or use a giant laser to disintegrate Groot. Groot’s healing factor isn’t bad, but it’s simply not good enough to keep him in the fight forever. Thanos wins.

S’ym vs Thanos

S’ym is one of the strongest Marvel characters when it comes to physical strength. He humiliated Colossus and went on to crush Wolverine. Well, I’m pretty sure that he wouldn’t fare quite so well against Thanos. Thanos is very powerful as well and I believe that he could overpower S’ym with brute strength. That’s not even counting all of Thanos’ other abilities. He’s definitely a force to be reckoned with. Thanos wins.