Dr Manhattan vs Thanos

Suggested by superduperawesomeguy Dr Manhattan is a being that we can barely even comprehend from Watchmen. His power are nigh unlimited but with the Infinity Gauntlet so is Thanos. Thanos also obtained the Cosmic Cube at one point so mixing both abilities in would increase his abilities even further and in base mode he is already about as strong as the Hulk if not stronger. I don’t think Manhattan would be able to last against such a fighter as Thanos will overwhelm him with an all out offensive. It’s just nearly impossible to stop all of his attacks and eventually some will land. Thanos wins.


8 thoughts on “Dr Manhattan vs Thanos

    • Yeah, the heroes really shouldn’t stand a chance unless Thanos is severely nerfed. Honestly, I am expecting him to be or to get over confident which allows the heroes to sneak up on him

  1. As of Rebirth Thanos even with all the infinity stones is no more of a threat to Dr Manhattan than the worlds smartest Termite

      • Dr Manhattan seems to be beyond strength or force of arms he doesn’t have to get into a physical fight with you or even be present he can just zap Thanos like he did Pandora

      • I don’t think the zap would work when Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet at his disposal. He would just snap his fingers back and end things in an instant

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