Dr Manhattan vs Sauron (LOTR)

Suggested by Sonic Dr Manhattan is a being who is known to be above just about everyone else. His skills are considerable and he is feared far and wide. That being said his actual abilities really aren’t all that impressive. He thrives on reputation more than actual ability and Sauron will exploit this. Sauron can actually fight pretty well with a blade even though he looked terrible in the movie. A quick slash will finish off Dr Manhattan once and for all. Sauron (LOTR) wins.

Dr Manhattan vs Melkor

Suggested by Sonic Dr Manhattan has always thought of himself as a super powerful individual, but when you really think about it he just doesn’t stand a chance against Melkor. Melkor has proven himself to be just as mighty and even more so since he actually fights. Melkor can turn giant, he can fire off elemental blasts, create force fields, etc. There’s nothing Dr Manhattan can do that Melkor can’t counter and surpass. In a straight fight between these two I don’t expect it’ll even be all that close. Melkor wins.

Dr Manhattan vs Thanos

Suggested by superduperawesomeguy Dr Manhattan is a being that we can barely even comprehend from Watchmen. His power are nigh unlimited but with the Infinity Gauntlet so is Thanos. Thanos also obtained the Cosmic Cube at one point so mixing both abilities in would increase his abilities even further and in base mode he is already about as strong as the Hulk if not stronger. I don’t think Manhattan would be able to last against such a fighter as Thanos will overwhelm him with an all out offensive. It’s just nearly impossible to stop all of his attacks and eventually some will land. Thanos wins.

Dr Manhattan vs Patrick

Dr Manhattan is back and this time he’s not gonna just take a loss! He’s far too tough for that and right now things are looking good for him. Patrick can stretch, but that won’t be enough this time. Patrick just can’t win and falls down the ranks with this. Dr Manhattan wins.

Dr Manhattan vs Tabuu

Dr Manhattan is a being who can do much, yet little. It’s a tricky thing, but in the end Tabuu takes this round. He can shoot energy blasts that do dramatic damage. He’s not a character that you want to underestimate. He even took on the legendary Mario! Maybe Dr Manhattan will have better luck with his next round. Tabuu wins.

Dr Manhattan vs Gemini Saga

Dr Manhattan is a good teleporter, but it seems that he won’t be able to defeat Gemini Saga. Gemini Saga has taken down many tough opponents in the past and won. Dr Manhattan may be skilled, but he’s just not skilled enough to take down Gemini Saga. Dr Manhattan drops down the ranks. Gemini Saga wins.

Dr Manhattan vs Virgo Shaka

Dr Manhattan is back. This time he’s up against Virgo Shaka! Virgo Shaka is an impressive fighter and can easily destroy whole planets! That’s pretty intense when you think about it! Dr Manhattan can teleport, but Virgo will still find him and take him down. Dr Manhattan drops down the ranks with this loss. Virgo Shaka wins.

Dr Manhattan vs Dr Strange

Dr Manhattan is back and this time he’s up against Doctor Strange! Dr Manhattan has been shown to teleport and do some other pretty impressive techniques, but I don’t think he’s quite ready to fight the Sorcerer Supreme! Doctor Strange has many techniques at his disposal and powerful magic that not many can stop. Dr Strange wins.

Dr Manhattan vs Lazerman

Dr Manhattan is back again and this time he’s up against Lazerman! Lazerman is a powerful fighter and with his laser he was even able to hit Bass! Dr Manhattan can teleport and alter his size at will. Those are good techniques, but Lazerman can also turn giant and his speed makes teleporting ineffective at best. Lazerman wins.

Dr Manhattan vs Bass

Dr Manhattan makes his blog debut. Dr Manhattan seems to be pretty tough, but in the end he can’t really take on Bass. Bass is a being of absolute power and cannot be defeated. Dr Manhattan may seem to be pretty much invincible, but he’s never fought a guy like Bass! One hyper earthbreaker and that could be it for Dr Manhattan. Bass wins.