Virgo Shaka vs Sigma

Virgo Shaka is back and now he’s up against Sigma! Sigman is known as Megaman X’s most powerful opponent and he’s definitely a threat to many fighters. He lacks the speed that Megaman X and Zero possess, but his attack power is still pretty good. Virgo Shaka is powerful, but I think that he loses this round, which means that he’s on a dangerous losing streak. Sigma wins.

Virgo Shaka vs Kid Bass

Kid Bass is a pretty tough opponent, but we didn’t see the true extent of his abilities until the manga came out. Virgo Shaka is also very impressive in his manga, but I haven’t seen anything that would make him stronger than Kid Bass. Things are always subject to change, but at the moment, I believe that Kid Bass would take the win. Kid Bass wins.

Virgo Shaka vs Megaman X

Megaman X has a lot of firepower at his disposal. His speed is impressive, but his array of attacks is definitely his best hope for victory. Megaman X has many good abilities up his sleeve and his Ultimate modes can be very dangerous. Virgo Shaka can fly and use energy blasts as well, but I fear that his lack of significant fights may result in his loss. This is definitely a close battle and maybe Virgo Shaka will be able to make a comeback someday. Megaman X wins.

Virgo Shaka vs Zero

Virgo Shaka is back and now he’s up against Zero! Zero is one of the legendary Maverick Hunters and his abilities exceed that of most fighters. Virgo Shaka is known to be incredibly powerful and I don’t doubt this. Still, I don’t think that he will be able to defeat Zero right now. Zero has many forms and his speed is enough to keep up with Virgo Shaka. One good slash from his sword can prove fatal to just about any opponent, no matter how strong he may be. Zero wins.

Virgo Shaka vs Raven

Raven is back, but now she’s up against one of the stronger beings out there. Virgo Shaka can shatter whole solar systems in a single shot and his speed is legendary. Raven won’t really be able to land a good shot on Virgo Shaka and his defense will be too much. Her attacks won’t be able to affect him. Virgo Shaka wins.

Inuyasha vs Virgo Shaka

Inuyasha is a skilled sword fighter, but can he take on a cosmic powered being like Virgo Shaka? Virgo Shaka can eradicate entire planets from the face of the Galaxy with minimal effort. This is not something that should be taken lightly, but neither should Inuyasha’s speed. Inuyasha can deal a lot of damage to Virgo Shaka if he can get close to him. Unfortunately, I don’t think that he’ll get the chance. Virgo Shaka wins.

Dark Schneider vs Virgo Shaka

Virgo Shaka is definitely a powerful adversary and he would give Dark Schneider a good fight. They can both fight at speeds that are too fast for the human eye to follow. Not to mention that they could both destroy the planet in an instant. I think Dark Schneider’s stronger and faster than Virgo Shaka, which is a crucial advantage. They’re both immensely powerful, but I think that Dark Schneider’s stats are just better. Dark Schneider wins.

Inu No Taisho vs Virgo Shaka

Inu No Taisho is a pretty powerful being. His sword skills are immense and he has a pretty solid rep. Unfortunately, having a rep isn’t quite as good as having a lot of action scenes. This would still be a pretty good battle, but Virgo’s telekinesis mixed with his energy blasts, should prove to be the deciding edge. Virgo Shaka wins.

Virgo Fudo vs Virgo Shaka

Virgo Shaka is back and he’s up against Virgo Fudo. This was one of the closer Saint Seiya battles, as they were about evenly matched. Fudo seems to be better in hand to hand combat, while Shaka has got the projectile advantage. It’s close, but the originals usually seem to be stronger. Virgo Shaka wins.

Virgo Shaka vs Miroku

Virgo Shaka is back and now he’s ready to duke it out with Miroku! Miroku may seem like the strongest guy on the coast, but even he would tremble at the immense power Virgo Shaka possesses! Virgo Shaka’s power is immense and he’s taken on guys like Gemini Saga in the past. Virgo Shaka wins.