Dark Schneider vs Virgo Shaka

Virgo Shaka is definitely a powerful adversary and he would give Dark Schneider a good fight. They can both fight at speeds that are too fast for the human eye to follow. Not to mention that they could both destroy the planet in an instant. I think Dark Schneider’s stronger and faster than Virgo Shaka, which is a crucial advantage. They’re both immensely powerful, but I think that Dark Schneider’s stats are just better. Dark Schneider wins.

9 thoughts on “Dark Schneider vs Virgo Shaka

  1. No way Dark Schneider would win, sorry to say. i’ve seen the entire Bastard anime series. You are really overrating Dark Schneider and his abilities. Shaka was the strongest of the gold saints (greater than Gemini Saga/Kanon). In fact Shaka took on 3 gold saints at once and almost won (he lost on purpose). He took on Gemini Saga, Aquarius Camus and Capricorn Shura.

    • The entire Bastard!! anime series was very short, and unfinished, and also they changed some names. DS really is that amazing in the manga. He defeated six lords of hell, and took their power for himself. He also defeated the archangel Uriel.

      • Gold Saints have all achieved similar feats to that. The funny thing about Saint Seiya is that the manga version makes the characters even more overpowered than the anime version. I still don’t think he would beat Shaka who is often described as the man closest to God.

      • The Angels in Bastard were ALSO Flabbergasted at things DS could do. They said that he did something only god could do, which was recreate one of the dead angels from memory.

  2. Yeah, anime versions don’t tend to tell the full story. If they adapt the whole manga, then it can usually be accurate (Unless you’re Black Cat), but the manga is always the place to go to see the character’s true feats. Take Medaka Box, in the manga, she’s extremely high tier and can basically crush reality with a thought. In the anime, she’s maybe a country buster at best. Virgo Shaka is very impressive as well, but I just don’t think that his stats will be enough to win this round. His cloth advantage is negated by DS’s Dispel Bound and DS has other abilities that help him even more

    • Virgo Shaka does not really need his cloth, his cosmo is the highest of the Gold saints being the reincarnation of Buddha. He also has the most defensive abilities out of any Gold saint like his ability “Ka”. He is able to see into his opponents minds and disable all their senses (although disabling senses may not work on DS). I believe every Gold saint has the ability to be a planet buster. As you know, Saga’s Galaxian explosion can destroy Galaxies, if Shaka is stronger than Saga (which he is) imagine what he can do.

      • His cosmos are tough, but that’s basically his Power Level and I think that DS has a higher one. The mind abilities are good, but with DS’s speed, he won’t have much time to think. Both of them are casual planet busters and could probably end the solar system. These guys are insanely strong and one move could turn the tides

  3. I agree with Schneider winning. His dispel bound can counter and negate any of Virgo’s special abilities while he delivers a casual galaxy busting attack.

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