Dark Schneider vs Grimmjow

It’s good to be a high above on the blog right? Dark Schneider’s abilities are certainly very impressive, but he won’t be able to stop Grimmjow. Grimmjow is an opponent to be feared and his Cero blasts should be able to deal a good amount of damage to DS. DS has his dispel bound, but nothing can last forever and eventually, Grimmjow will be able to overpower the guy and prove why he is the strongest fighter on the blog. Grimmjow wins.

Dark Schneider

Dark Schneider is one of the strongest beings in all of media and he’s fully aware of this fact. He boasts all of the typical super powers that would enable him to be a powerful fighter. Flight, Super Speed, Super Strength, etc. While this is already impressive in itself, it’s the sheer intensity of these abilities that is the most frightening. Dark Schneider surpassed the speed of light a long time ago and no fighter can truly hope to keep up with him. His energy blasts could not only destroy a planet, but much more than a solar system in a single strike. Dark Schneider’s durability is particularly impressive as his Dispel Bound can create many barriers to protect him and an opponent cannot break through more than one at a time no matter how much power is used. This results in essentially the ultimate defense. On the incredibly off chance that anything can get through his Dispel bound, Dark Schneider also has high speed regeneration, which can essentially heal any injury immediately. Dark Schneider has obtained several forms over the years with each one being more and more powerful. It’s no wonder as to why Dark Schneider will one day rise to the top of the blog!

His Main Forms

Base_DS (1)

His Record

L Bass
L Cell
W Gemini Saga
W Piccolo
W Nine Tailed Fox
L Megaman
W Virgo Shaka

Dark Schneider vs Virgo Shaka

Virgo Shaka is definitely a powerful adversary and he would give Dark Schneider a good fight. They can both fight at speeds that are too fast for the human eye to follow. Not to mention that they could both destroy the planet in an instant. I think Dark Schneider’s stronger and faster than Virgo Shaka, which is a crucial advantage. They’re both immensely powerful, but I think that Dark Schneider’s stats are just better. Dark Schneider wins.

Dark Schneider vs Megaman

Dark Schneider has faced some pretty tough opponents and it seems like he is destined to keep fighting high ranked opponents. As you know from the Megaman vs Goku match, I place his skills in high regard. Megaman’s speed is out of this world and his power is basically limitless. Megaman has a large variety of super forms and special abilities at his disposal.

Dark Schneider has a lot of abilities of his own and his power/speed are some of the best in media. He has regeneration and barriers that would stop most attacks. In this round, Megaman’s best option is to ditch his tricks and just engage Dark Schneider in a close range combat fight. Megaman’s speed may be the (2nd) greatest in all of media and I don’t think anyone could keep up. As long as he has his Cyber Sword out, he can do some major slashing while speed blitzing. Of course, if he enters Hubstyle, then it’s all over. Megaman wins.

Dark Schneider vs Nine Tailed Fox

Demon_fox_attacking (1)
The Nine Tailed Fox is a monster of great power and he could easily decimate villages and cities with a single blast. Dark Schneider has some great powers at his disposal as well and in Majin form his strength is definitely considerable. The Nine Tailed Fox would be able to deal some impressive damage to Dark Schneider if his attacks hit, but Dark Schneider is fast enough to evade most of the blows. Dark Schneider wins.

Dark Schneider vs Piccolo

This is definitely a pretty intense battle. Piccolo has always been pretty unimpressive for me and by then end I wouldn’t even say that he’s anywhere close to Super Saiyan 2 level. Dark Schneider has some immense speed and his regeneration can definitely come in handy along with his barriers. Dark Schneider wins.

Dark Schneider vs Gemini Saga

Dark Schneider is back and this time he’s up against Gemini Saga! These 2 beings are both pretty powerful and fast. The only question is…who wins!? Well, I’d say that Dark Schneider has the speed advantage and seems like the stronger fighter in the end. Dark Schneider wins.

Fanfic version below


Dark Schneider vs Cell

Dark Schneider is back and this time he’s up against Cell! Dark Schneider and Cell are both extremely powerful and have very impressive speed and abilities. I think Cell has the edge in this round though. His Solar Kamehameha is intense and so is his regenerative powers. Cell wins.

Dark Schneider vs Bass

Admittedly Dark Schneider’s design looks cool, but we all know that looks don’t win battles. Bass has enough power to decimate Dark Schneider in one blow. Bass’s power is limitless and all he needs is one blow to destroy any being in all of media. Bass gets another win and shows why he’s the best! Bass wins.