Dark Schneider

Dark Schneider is one of the strongest beings in all of media and he’s fully aware of this fact. He boasts all of the typical super powers that would enable him to be a powerful fighter. Flight, Super Speed, Super Strength, etc. While this is already impressive in itself, it’s the sheer intensity of these abilities that is the most frightening. Dark Schneider surpassed the speed of light a long time ago and no fighter can truly hope to keep up with him. His energy blasts could not only destroy a planet, but much more than a solar system in a single strike. Dark Schneider’s durability is particularly impressive as his Dispel Bound can create many barriers to protect him and an opponent cannot break through more than one at a time no matter how much power is used. This results in essentially the ultimate defense. On the incredibly off chance that anything can get through his Dispel bound, Dark Schneider also has high speed regeneration, which can essentially heal any injury immediately. Dark Schneider has obtained several forms over the years with each one being more and more powerful. It’s no wonder as to why Dark Schneider will one day rise to the top of the blog!

His Main Forms

Base_DS (1)

His Record

L Bass
L Cell
W Gemini Saga
W Piccolo
W Nine Tailed Fox
L Megaman
W Virgo Shaka

2 thoughts on “Dark Schneider

  1. Some more of his feats possibly worth mentioning are:
    his Saringan (link taken down)
    His super-regeneration http://www.mangahere.co/manga/bastard/c121/4.html
    His Dispel Bound also protects against nearly all kinds of attacks including but not limited to:Anti-creation, Sonic Waves, Radar, Instant Victory, Power, Energy, Counter, mental attacks, Assimilation, Reality-warping, Gas, Plants, Insects, Inertia-control, and anti-immortality. http://www.mangahere.co/manga/bastard/c121/10.html
    Darkness attacks make Dark Schneider more powerful. They once used a giant hammer infused with darkness to heal DS. Also he came back to life after he removed his own heart when darkness enveloped the land.

    • Had to get rid of the first link for content reasons, but the other two are all right.

      Yeah, Regeneration is always excellent to have and can really make the difference in battle. I’ll be sure to add it in. He always looks impressive in fights although I’ve always gotten a Kamina feeling from him so I’m guessing that he’s not my kind of hero. Still, I can’t deny that his abilities are very impressive. There are few fighters even in Shonen Jump who show that kind of power anymore

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