Eren Jaeger vs Nine Tailed Fox

Suggested by Destroyer Eren Jaeger has his Titan mode and his skills have been improving a lot over the course of the series. He can transform in an instant which is definitely handy, but I don’t think it’ll be enough to stop this Fox. Nine Tails has a lot of experience in dealing with powerful foes and can take anything that Eren can dish out. Nine Tails is also fast enough to stay at a distance and pepper Eren with his Tailed Beast Bombs. Either way this match won’t take him long. Nine Tailed Fox wins.

Nine Tailed Fox vs Madara

The Nine Tailed Fox is very powerful and he can easily take out an entire village. That being said, Madara is much stronger and he could probably take down the planet. He’s faster than the Fox and his large array of jutsu give him a decently large advantage in combat. The Nine Tailed Fox will eventually fall before Madara’s epic powers. Madara wins.

Inu No Taisho vs Nine Tailed Fox

Demon_fox_attacking (1)
The Nine Tailed Fox is a very powerful monster and his speed is pretty good. Inu No Taisho is also a quick fighter, but I think he lacks the Nine Tailed Fox’s intense energy abilities. One good blast it enough to take many fighters down for good. I don’t doubt that Inu No Taisho could match many of his feats, but he wouldn’t be able to keep up with him forever. Nine Tailed Fox wins.

Dark Schneider vs Nine Tailed Fox

Demon_fox_attacking (1)
The Nine Tailed Fox is a monster of great power and he could easily decimate villages and cities with a single blast. Dark Schneider has some great powers at his disposal as well and in Majin form his strength is definitely considerable. The Nine Tailed Fox would be able to deal some impressive damage to Dark Schneider if his attacks hit, but Dark Schneider is fast enough to evade most of the blows. Dark Schneider wins.

Nine Tailed Fox vs Kokuo

The Nine Tailed Fox is a powerful beast and possibly the strongest tailed beast! They’ve implied it may times. While Kokuo also looks pretty powerful, I don’t think he’ll be able to win this round. The Nine Tailed Fox has a lot more chakra and his speed’s pretty good as well. Nine Tailed Fox wins.

Nine Tailed Fox vs Naruto

The Nine Tailed Fox is a beast to be feared. With one blast he can destroy a lot of stuff! Of course Naruto’s far faster and at this point….far Stronger! With one blast Naruto can destroy whole mountains. Naruto can also make shadow clones which would definitely overpower The Nine Tailed Fox. The Nine Tailed Fox has always been inside Naruto, but that will be his downfall. He just didn’t have the skills to take Naruto down, but that’s because he’s helped Naruto improve so much. Without him Naruto may not be as tough as he is now. Naruto wins.

Nine Tailed Fox vs Bones

Nine Tailed Fox is definitely too tough for Bones. Bones jut doesn’t have enough power to take care of him. This is Bones, of course so he will try to escape but he can’t. The Nine Tailed Fox is much faster than Bones could ever hope to be and one slash is all he will need to take the win. Nine Tailed Fox wins.

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