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Eren Jaeger vs Nine Tailed Fox

Suggested by Destroyer Eren Jaeger has his Titan mode and his skills have been improving a lot over the course of the series. He can transform in an instant which is definitely handy, but I don’t think it’ll be enough to stop this Fox. Nine Tails has a lot of experience in dealing with powerful foes and can take anything that Eren can dish out. Nine Tails is also fast enough to stay at a distance and pepper Eren with his Tailed Beast Bombs. Either way this match won’t take him long. Nine Tailed Fox wins.

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Cade Yeager vs Eren Jaeger

I’m actually used to spelling it Eren Yeager at this point so I’ll probably update the name at some point. Either way, Eren is just the better character by far. He has his low moments, but his highs are much better than Cade and he is certainly more determined. His Titan mode would make short work out of Cade. Cade has his blaster, but Titans aren’t as weak and fragile as Cybertronians. Eren would shake off the blast and get to work. Eren Jaeger wins.

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Frieda Reiss vs Eren Jaeger

Suggested by Eric Frieda Reiss may have a lot of potential but in the end she hasn’t proven that she can handle someone someone like Eren. Eren has his titan mode and a whole lot of battle experience to draw from. Determination alone isn’t enough to take Eren down. He’s got the skills to pay the bills and one good shot is enough to take the win. Frieda would have to focus on dodging as much as possible her she certainly can’t keep that up forever. Eren Jaeger wins.

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Yuichiro vs Eren Jaeger

Yuichuro and Eren have many similarities between them. Likewise with the two series that they are from. That being said, Yuichiro is easily the better character at the moment. Granted, Seraph of the End is early on at the moment. Still, Yuichiro doesn’t take time to feel sorry for himself. He wants to destroy vampires and that’s exactly what he does. Right from the get go he takes a lot of them down. Eren was unable to do this until he got his Titan Form. Even in that mode, there’s no way Eren can take Yuichiro down. Yuichiro’s way too fast and has a berserk mode of his own that would overpower Eren. Yuichiro may have debuted later, but he is just a better character whose character development puts Eren’s to shame. Yuichiro wins.

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Eren Jaeger vs Ymir (Attack on Titan)

Eren is the capable main character from Attack on Titan so there’s no way that he would go down here without a fight. There are only a few characters in the franchise who can hope to match up against him. Ymir isn’t one of those fighters and she would certainly be in for a rude awakening against Eren’s might. He didn’t make the Survey Corps because of his reputation after all…he did it with his skills! Eren Jaeger wins.

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Eren Jaeger vs Deadpool

This can be a pretty tricky match since neither one of these fighters is extremely powerful. Both of them have regenerative abilities, but Deadpool has a pretty big advantage in close combat. Eren’s Titan Mode is really his only chance and will it be enough to defeat Deadpool? It’ll be close, but for now I’ll say that Eren has the slight edge…for now! Eren Jaeger wins.

Original image by Azure-Samurai can be found at the link below.

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Eren Jaeger vs Jean

They may have survived the first wave, but there’s always another one just waiting to hit! Eren has his Titan Mode and a single punch should clear the way for his victory. Jean is pretty quick in the air and he’s an artificially created leader, but that won’t be enough to get the job done against Eren! Eren has proven who the stronger hand to hand fighter is even while in human mode. Eren Jaeger wins.

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Eren Jaeger vs Hulk

Eren Jaeger has the ability to turn into a titan and it makes him a very powerful opponent to deal with…on his planet anyway! He has some basic super strength and his regenerative abilities are very good, but his lack of long range abilities will be his downfall here. Energy blasts and projectiles are usually the reason why I pick Hulk to lose. When it comes down to a fight of brute strength…I don’t see the Hulk going down. Hulk wins.

Link to the original image by TouchboyJ-Hero is below

Attack on Titan Parody Attack on Hulk

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Tuxedo Mask vs Eren Jaeger

Eren is back and he’s almost a household name at this point. Tuxedo Mask may be the kind of guy that likes to save the day, but I don’t believe that he would be able to take Eren down for the count. Eren does have his famous Titan mode after all. Tuxedo Mask will put up a decent fight…or not. Eren Jaeger wins.

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Eren Jaeger vs Gemini Saga

Eren Jaeger can turn into a titan, but that won’t faze Gemini Saga. Saga has super speed and his raw power is at a very high level. He has the Galactian Explosion by his side and one good shot would likely take Eren down for the count. It’s been a while since Gemini Saga took such a win and it’s only the beginning. Gemini Saga wins.